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Leikin Motor Companies

Country United States
State Ohio
City Willoughby
Address 38750 Mentor Ave #1
Phone 877-226-0986

Leikin Motor Companies Reviews

  • Apr 13, 2017

I visited Leikin to have my (new to me) used 2009 C 300 Mercedes looked over from a side shop I bought it at.

I purchased the A1 service (oil/filter etc and then asked for and a list of options for repair when I was ready). At that time I was told the battery was too small for my vehicle because it was the wrong size. I said the next time I brought it in (for light and mirror replace, I would put a new battery in). They only did the oild change and check over, claiming that nothing else was 'imperative'.

Second visit. Car won't start within just a couple of days of buying the car. Was told iby Leikin it could be a key (we only had one). So we quite happily purchased a key. Knowing it might not fix it.

Then, a day later when that didn't fix it, we were told it was a number of things, the battery (I told them to replace and they actually bawlked with concern as it was $241. for the quote but I still said pleasde change out battery), at that time I ordereed the rim fixed by body shop and mirror replaced (with a part we had already). Fog light too but dealer we got it from gave us wrong part.

They called for a steering column lock. It was 'failing'? But were told it was part of ignition (since we have car repair experience and mentioned that it sounded like ignition failure). That did not fix the car.

Within just 24 hrs, we had to drop off car again for starting issue and was told after 24 business hours that the problem was not duplicatable. We have been able to duplicate it 2 dozen times in a day at home. So, we know something is wrong. We asked Leikin dealer to keep it longer. They said ok but only twice have they repeated and the code calls for EIS. But we were told that the egnition was part of the steerging column lock already. But now it needs EIS, but because it's intermittent we can pick up the car (just wait 7 seconds for the car to acknowledge the key and then it will start).

We are confused and exhausted. Spent over $900 on steering lock we were told failed but tech admitted was working when he removed (because "it was easy to drop down and out"). Now we are even being told that it is fine. Just wait the 7 seconds for the car to acknowledge the key before it will start. We were also told that 'now that the weather was getting warmer it was starting better'?

I was 'sadly' told by my Leikin techinician 'Ray' that 'he'll just add it to his bucket' and 'he would work on it and hopefully fix it and get it out of her'.

It doesn't sound like he knows what he is doing or that he is very motivated to find the 'correct problem'. In this industry fixing it right the first time is very important to a customer (and whether it's customer pay, or warranty, it shouldn't matterm the tech should care).

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