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Lead Transfer System Pvt Ltd

Country India
State Delhi
City Rohini
Address 209, Block F,, Pocket 1, Sector 16
Phone 098991 77949

Lead Transfer System Pvt Ltd Reviews

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  • Jan 9, 2019

I placed an insertion order and wired money via transferwise to vikas sharma, director/owner of lead transfer system an india-based live transfers lead vendor.

Vikas also goes by the alias of john. Pursuant to services, various times, vikas sharma promised me both verbally and in writing that he would start delivering to me leads as soon as he verified my payment. However, lead transfer system never contacted me after receiving payment and his rip off telemarketing organization never provided me any of the leads, which i paid for.

Although i repeatedly demanded a full refund from vikas sharma, the con man and deceitful thief falsely claimed he left me several messages and that i didn't provide him a phone number to forward me the live transfers. But i provided him a call forwarding number with the insertion order. I fact, vikas sharma John) emailed to thank me for placing the lead order and stated,"i’m ready now, just waiting on the payments to get cleared.

Once i get the funds, we’ll start the calls.”

Following his email, i emailed vikas to ask if he received my payment. He emailed me back claiming he did not and asked me to check with transferwise regarding the payment.

Shortly after, transferwise sent me an email confirming that they made the payment and i passed on this information to lead transfer systems and informing them that i still had not received any leads.

After patiently waiting and still not receiving any live transfers i called vikas sharma John) and demanded a full refund arguing that i never received any live transfers or payment confirmation or any confirmation of the date when lead transfer systems would begin sending me live transfers. However, he refused to give me a refund and screamed over the phone. When i threatened to file an online complaint, he hung up on me

In closing, vikas sharma, a.K.A. John of the telemarketing organization lead transfer systems is a con artist and thief. He thinks he could easily get away stealing from people because his company is based in india and since i paid him via transferwise. I originally wanted to pay him via credit card or paypal which would have made it safer for me to dispute this illegitimate transaction. But, he insisted that i could only pay him via transferwise. It’s impossible to get a refund from transferwise because it is a money wiring service.

John Vikas sharma), managing director

Lead transfer system pvt ltd Lts)

Direct us : +1-301-859-4838

Direct india : +91-9899177949

Fax : +1-301-859-4667

Email : [email protected]

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  • Mar 14, 2017

I called this Company to order Tax Leads from them. Everything sounded good. The price was lower than I was paying. Usually I check this website first before I do anything. However this time I did NOT and I wish I did. This Company is from INDIA. They convince people to speak to companies such as mine in order to get there home loan lowered. So in other words they dont even have a Tax debt. They are so desperate to lower their mortgage that they will go threw a complete interview and pretend like they have a Tax Debt to lower their mortgage.

The joke behind the whole thing is they are not even lowering peoples mortgage. They are getting idiots like myself to believe they are legite and hire them for all kinds of Lead Generation proposals. Then they filter through the people and get them to front these Companies and pretend like they need help. Wether it's fot Taxes, Mortgages, Refinancing etc.

After all that the real kick in the A** is: You have to do a Wire Transfer.... You can't get your money back. Once you send the transfer you're DONE......................

To summerize...... DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY FOR ANYTHING>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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