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Lead Me Media

Country United States
State Florida
City Deerfield Beach
Address 1166 W Newport Center Dr #112
Phone 954-906-9200

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  • Sep 29, 2016

Lead Me Media: This Company is a total rip-off and they belong only on this site…

Rob Clouse states "I'm The Internet Email Marketing Guru" and "I have the Most Prolific Network Servers and Database in North America with over 100Million Email Addresses and I can customize any Email Marketing Program and Target Market your audience for your specific product or service, thereby giving you 'Hot Leads' to promote your business." Then Mr. Clouse proceeds to sell you a $5000 package for 2 Million Emails or his "Gold Package" best deal of 52 Million targeted Emails for the $10000 price tag. Once he receives your money, he never returns your calls or Emails and when he does, he gives you one lame excuse after another on why he's not delivering the service and product that he sold you on -- Typical scam artist behavior!!

STAY CLEAR OF THIS GUY!!!! DON'T SEND HIM ANY MONEY!!!! DON'T BUY INTO HIS SMOOTH TALK!!!! THIS GUY IS A RIP OFF EXPERT!!!! Also, He prefers that you Direct Deposit Money into his bank account so he doesn't commit postal fraud... someone needs to send him a cashier's check through the mail so we can "NAIL" this guy for Postal Fraud!!!!

I signed up on a $9000 email campaign; before I knew it these crooks hit my credit card $15250, $15175 & $17470 in a period of 90 days. He claimed to offer 18% open ratio with a 4% conversion count on my email campaign, which is a scam. We did a 3 month campaigns and we got 0 (ZERO) traffic as of google analytics, ZERO sale or signups. Luckily I checked my amex credit card finally to discover the scam - have I left these guys with our credit card they could have cleaned us up.

You can’t cancel the service on-line and when you call them you get ignorant staff that promise one thing and turn around and slam you twice over. I finally got hold of Alicia who told me to buzz off and they will not refund any money.

This is an ongoing scam they clean you up before you know it - STAY AWAY - it is a total rip off - I have filed with the BBB and going as far as the state attorney’s office in Deerfield beach to get my money back in the event AMEX doesn’t return the money we got screwed.

There is no formal contract at all that specifies how much they will take from you - they will switch your account randomly and take the money without your consent -- this is grand theft.

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  • Dec 9, 2017

In accordance with the Rules, the Arbitrator was asked to decide whether the challenged Statements were an opinion or a fact. If, and only if, the Statement was determined to be a statement of fact, the Arbitrator was asked to further decided if, by a preponderance of the evidence, to determine if the Statement was true or false. If the statement identified by the Complainant is determined to be an opinion, no determination will be made as to that particular Statement because an opinion cannot be determined to be true nor false.

In this case, the Arbitrator had only the evidence submitted by the Complainant to consider. The evidence submitted included Yscam, Complainant’s Arbitration Statement, Complainant’s Witness Statements, and supporting documentation.

Each Statement challenged by the Complainant has been considered, together with any Witness Statements and Documents provided by the Complainant for determination of the truth or falsity of the Statement. The Author did not provide a response to the Complaint.

The Arbitrator determined that the certain statements challenged in the Report were false. Therefore, according to the VIP Arbitration Rules, those statements have been redacted.

  • Oct 5, 2016

Lead Me Media Deerfield Beach:: SCAM Company

Management puts force to sell bogus email campaigns, clients are provided with false data reports, usually all date stats are manipulated to look good. No mercy policy within company. More money gets you high incentives, but how long will one survive with such wrong doings. Hire and fire policy practiced.

Lead Me Media, a complete looser & rips everybody. Do not do Business with 'Lead Me Media' sells bogus email campaigns and fake data. Stay away from LeadMeMedia beware you have been warned. Management please don't make us sell worthless emails and other search engine campaigns to clients. Money is not everything.

Lead Me Media = Tall promises + Zero conversions (the mix is expensive and toxic)

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