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  • Oct 23, 2017

Do not get scammed by the fake supposed pastor Tim Emmett Damron and his lame secure party creditor classes. This guy Tim Emmett Damron will milk you for hundreds of dollars by leading you on and outright lying about what he is going to teach you in these scam classes. When you send payments to Tim Emmett Damron the only way he accepts payments is in a form of a gift through Paypal. This way you have no recourse whatsoever if you are unhappy with his class. Don't fall for this scam. Save your money!!!!!

Tim Emmett Damron tells you one thing to get you to donate money for one of his scam classes and when it comes to the class he rambles and uses his slick ways to talk about things that won't help you. All of a sudden oh gee we are out of time. He leads you on and milks you for all the money he can. I lost hundreds of dollars to this scam artist. He rides around in his traveling circus bus from city to city scamming new individuals along the way. He also lives on the road in his bus. What does that tell you? Stay away and don't send the scammer Tim Emmett Damron any money. He is very slick and is a professional scammer.

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