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Land Development and Design

Country United States
State Kentucky
City Louisville
Address 503 Washburn Ave
Phone 502-426-9374

Land Development and Design Reviews

  • Nov 11, 2018

This business is clearly having some financial problems. After we moved in, we had to resign another lease which included an additional damage deposit/ monthly rent because we had a dog. We also had to pay an additional 400.00 non refundable pet deposit. We were fine with that because we knew we would not damage anything and at least get our damage deposit back.

We were great tenants, always kept the inside and outside of the home looking great. Before moving in we had also even spent our own money to have a descent floor put in the kitchen that wasnt all torn up. We installed new properly working toilets in both bathrooms as well. We stayed in the home about a year and a half while waiting for our own home to be built.

When we moved out and did the walk through, everything was still in the same shape as when we moved in. We were told the deposit would be mailed to us the next week. Two weeks later, we called to see if it had been mailed and was told two separate excuses by 2 different people. A few days later, called back and was told they did not have enough money to return our deposit. So once again, we wait.

It was a total of 3 weeks before we actually were able to pick up the check and it still wasnt the full amount! We have contacted them and it looks like we are just out the money. BEWARE if you rent from them , if they can they will squeeze every penny from you since that is how they make their money!

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