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Kreative, LLC.

Country United States
State Washington
City Bothell
Address 1725 220th St SE Ste 101
Phone 866.849.0922

Kreative, LLC. Reviews

  • Mar 17, 2020

Scam Report for Kreative LLC

Kreative, Inc LLC - Redmond Washington Initial contact Michael.Binkin KREATIVE // Design Questionnaire Received! (Order #43190) Nov 21, 2019 at 8:29 AM PrintRaw message KREATIVE Design Team To: [email protected],[email protected] Cc: [email protected] Hello Larry Gean Ward ! Mike Binkin and John.......

Thank You For Submitting Your KREATIVE Website Design Questionnaire! I'm just emailing you to let you know that your Design Questionnaire was received! The information therein is being analyzed and will be passed onto the Design Team right away! The information will then be assigned to a specific designer and added to their design queue.

If there's anything missing or if there is an answer we don't understand in your questionnaire, a representative here will get in touch with you to clear anything up. Remember, your project is officially scheduled to be completed within 45-60 days of when a Design Questionnaire was first sent to you. If you turned in your Design Questionnaire after it has already been designed or more than a month after your questionnaire was sent to you, your new design due date will be 45-60 days after your questionnaire was submitted.

We appreciate your patience while our designers put forth their efforts. While it is true that the designers here at KREATIVE are rapidly working through their queue of projects and your site may be completed before the scheduled date, please be aware that the completion of your site's design is still officially on schedule (30-60 days from your questionnaire submission).

If you can think of anything that you may have missed or forgotten in regards to your design preferences or anything within the Design Questionnaire, please let me know. I'd be happy to pass the information onto the design team! We look forward to working hard on your new website and, again, appreciate your patience while our Design Team does what they do best! Ask us questions! If you have a question, comment, or concern, don’t wait.

We love hearing from you, and will be happy to aid you with your concerns. Contact us toll-free at: 1.866.849.0922 (Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 8AM-5PM PST) Email us at: [email protected] (or you can simply reply to this email) Warm Regards, -- 866.849.0922 (Toll Free) @KREATIVEdotcom This message was sent using GlobiFlow for Podio. If this message is SPAM, please report abuse niche ideas hw Nov 13, 2019 at 12:38 PM PrintRaw message Michael Binkin To: [email protected] Please look at the list of niche ideas below and try to narrow it down to about 3-5 that best suit what you are relevant to or passionate about.

Example #1. Pets, and not all pet items, be specific and pick a species. After picking a species, like dogs, then pick a product, in this case, dog beds. Example #2. Sports, now pick a sport. Boxing, perfect, now pick a specific boxing item, like boxing gloves. Example #3. Camping. Now choose a specific type of camping gear.

Let’s say sleeping bags, or tents. The more specific you can be in your niche, the better. For example, if a customer is looking for dog beds, they are not going to go to google and type in pets. They are going to search for what they want to buy, like dog beds. The more specific you are, the easier it is for the customers to find you. Everything is purchased online, from houses and cars, to toasters and carports. Write down a couple ideas, and try to narrow them down to a specific product, and we will research them with you.

Camping Hunting Pets Home decor Gardening Bedding Survival Security Christian religious supplies Supplements Vape Knives Kitchen supplies Organic products Yoga products Hydroponics Archery Scuba diving equipment Wedding supplies Sports equipment Anti aging Weight loss Art supplies Coffee / tea Detox products Dance gear Bags / purses Tattoo equipment Outdoor decor Watches Clocks Computer bags / laptop and messenger bags Motorcycle gear / vests Fishing Cell accessories Kids toys and games Cameras / camera accessories Wall art Small appliances Baby Items Helmets Firepits and fireplaces Picnic supplies Beach supplies Ski Gear Solar products Horse tack Aquarium Wine Coolers / Accessories 866.849.0922 Ext. 916 (Toll Free) 425.628.2916 (Direct Line) @KREATIVE.COM

Verbally Promised a complete up and running STAND ALONE website guaranteed ....with lifetime support for following their instructions...all training to be provided ...Told to apply for Sapphire Credit card and see how much credit I was authorized....It was like $6800 Then told me to that the cost would be $6000 to cover the cost for all the training and web Page...

By Mike...I followed all directions as well as could be and was delayed by medical procedures etc....Then they had delays...time was going by I questioned the progress and then they showed me a picture on the internet of a nice site for me and said it was mine....Mike had said that that was all I needed and turned me over to John....John said it was looking good and now all we need is around $12,000 more to get the rest of the ball rolling....I said no!!!!

Mike promised no more money.... That is when John turned me back to Mike....and he talked it down and down until $10,500 and he had to go to his manager and hope that was all....(CAR SALESMAN WARNING WENT OFF)....he said he was sorry but Web Pages are expensive....and I should try to get money from my 401K........That is when I cut all communications with them .....

  • May 7, 2018

Around Oct. 2017, John Jacobs of warhead software scammed me into buying the program 6750. He showed me several websites of people he set up on e-commerence business that suppostly was earning six figures. over the course of six months and numerous calls from several people in various areas of kreative company they created me a website and marketing. Aman the marketing guy scammed me for 18,500. and they are charging me 100.00 monh fee???

First they find out what you own and your credit score and then they go to town with this painted picture of making money on wesite they build and have you find direct market suppliers for your product. Then after they suck all they think they can get you are left with this debt and website and program that is impossible to figure out.

They prey on older people and its very unethical

  • Dec 5, 2017

I signed up to paste advertisements on FB for $100. Instead I received a call from Chrimson with the company called Kreative. She said she could help me build a very lucrative on line business for a small fee (lie). She went into her marketing scam and at the end said because she thought my bothfriend and I were special so she was going to give us this great deal of only $6000. After much reservation and her persistance I signed up. I put a lot of personal time into this business and then I get a call from Jessica Vanlandingham. After going through this speal of we needed pay more money to get proper advertising online she asked if I have a credit card handy? Seriously? I became very upset and ultimately said I wanted a full refund. I get an email from Gary Wong saying I can't cancel until I talk to him. Lie - he just wanted to swindle me into not cancelling which he did. After further consideration I decided I wanted to cancel. I then had a death in the family and lost track of time. I emailed Gary again and said I wanted to cancel. He said it was too late. I explained the situation and again he said it was too late. I called an attorney friend of mine and he suggested making me a more than fair offer to pay Kreative $1000 (for lying to me, waisting my time and stealing my money) and request a refund of only $5000 or I would file a complaint in Small Claims Court and report Kreative to BBB. No response from Gary Wong. I sent Gary Wong another email requesting Kreative's address. No response. What kind of a company steals $6000 from a client and does not even have the professional courtesy to respond. I called Kreative, LLC and requested the name of the owner of Kreative. The young man did not know. I requested the name of the President of Kreative and he did not know who that was. He offered to connect me to his local General Manager, Michael Walker, and put me on hold then came back on the line and said a supervisor would call me back shortly. No call. This company is a total FRAUD and SHAM! Do not let them LIE and STEAL from you! Not only do they dash your dreams and break your bank account, they shatter your trust. How do these people sleep at night, go to church and face their family and friends? They should be ashamed of theirselves and personally fined!

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