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Kreative Kennels

Country United States
State California
City Turlock
Address 11380 Early Dawn Rd
Phone 800-640-2855

Kreative Kennels Reviews

  • Mar 18, 2018

Kreative Kennels is a Fraudulent operation that is misleading their customers. They advertise Fully Trained Protection Dogs and sell them between $10,000 to $20,000. These dogs have received basic training, mostly in Germany by trainers while the dogs were young, but are in NO WAY even close to being fully trained protection Dogs. Please read the following issue that occurred.

After discussing the dog with Mike Osmundson, the General Manager, we proceeded with the purchase:

We acquired, as advertised by Kreative Kennels, a fully trained (+2 years of training) personal protection German Shepherd (3 years Old) from their California facility. The purchase price was $13,500 – an initial deposit of $3,500 was provided and the balance of $10,000 was paid before the dog was shipped to Pennsylvania from California. Let me start by saying that somehow, they charged my Credit Card $7,000 but acknoledged the error and credited the balance back.

The dog was delivered to us on September 30, 2017. We immediately noticed he had a broken Canine with Pulp exposed - in human terms, Root Canal necessary to provide the dog comfort. Immediately upon his arrival, the Dog's Lack of basic obedience was apparent. He failed to obey even the most rudimentary commands (Sit, Stay, Lay Down), as well as those he was said to have mastered on a list given to me by the seller.

On Monday, October 2nd, 2017, we took the dog to a Veterinary clinic – where he was examined. The visual exam of the animal revealed he was under weight (weighed 67.2 Lbs when Kreative Kennels told us he would be between 80 - 90Lbs), his coat was dry and brittle and had a broken canine that required an extraction and/or a root canal.

Blood work was performed but the results would not be available for an additional 72 hours. In the following weeks, the stated events occurred:

Dog showed signs of chronic diarrhea and vomiting – once to twice per day. This is still occurring today, Mach 19, 2018.

Dog weight continued dropping and the Veterinary suspected a stomach bacteria – several Vet visits, tests and medication were required to treat the animal – the Vet bills totaled $3,700 and we are still incurring Vet bills.

Over the next 30 days, the dog had diarrhea and vomiting in our home, ruining the hard wood floors and carpets – the repair and cleaning bills totaled $5,000.

The dog showed little to no Obedience and displayed aggression towards us as well as strangers. A recent Training Evaluation was performed by ProCanine Center – a World renowned training facility stating that this Dog lacked the training to qualify as a protection animal. Furthermore, they determined that his temperment was a result of abuse when he was younger (making the dog shy and afraid in certain situations and very aggressive in others) ProCanine quoted me $15,000 to $20,000 of training required to complete this dog’s training up to standards. Although, they clearly stated he would never be a "Fully Trainde Dog" as you could never correct his deep seeded behavioral issues.

I have contacted Kreative Kennels with no response or positive resolution. I have recently sent them an offer to return the Dog in exchange for a full refund – no response was received.

Mike Osmundson the General manager has said one thing to me and a different thing to my Credit Card company. He has lied and stated facts that were clearly false of falsified. He did respond to

I have to believe that part of their strategy is volume. Most people don't realize what they are buying and most likely never end up fighting with KK. If you carefully google, you can find complaints, bite reports, people in distress, even a lady who had to put her dog down due to aggression and attack.

I have been encouraging people who have had issues to seek legal help as well as leave bad reviews although, Kreative Kennels seem to find a way to have the bad reviews removed.

Stay away, very very far away.

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