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Country United States
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KOVR Reviews

  • Dec 19, 2018

Kovr and equity-traders scam!

There is a fake penny stock by the name of kovr Http:// it’s listed as a shell company on the otc. I got a cold call to invest in a rare opportunity by a fake agency doubtlessly paid to promote it.

See the connections here with minnesota and more info. It used to be called sldc



The “agency” that called me…

Google says the website prevented it from creating a page description…

Searching equity-traders  .com) to see the page >

Notice the hotline number is fake, or at least it was.

Here’s names Probably fake) with phone numbers Not sure what type of phone system).

John General inquiry) 312-248-2713

Edward foster 312-757-2829

Tom egan 312-248-2756

David herron 312-248-3563

Unnamed cohort 626-784-6580

Hope these guys can be stopped.

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