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KingFisher Alaskan Malamutes

Country United States
State Alaska
City Big Lake
Address P.O. Box 521848
Phone 907-841-8171

KingFisher Alaskan Malamutes Reviews

  • Oct 7, 2018



Malamutes have always been my fiancés and I favorite dog breed. We planned for a longtime to finally get our pup. I reached out to KingFishers in July of 2017 and spoke extensively on several occasions with the yard manager, Monica. I was adamant that our top priority was the dogs health and friendly personality over color preference. Monica always reassured me that was always their priority above all else. She never disclosed any information prior to our issues about previous puppy deaths and ongoing health issues with the adults. After looking over all of KingFishers breeder dogs we fell in love with Klondike. I told Monica that Klondike was the Sir dog we would like to buy a female pup from and we were happy to wait for that dog exclusively. Monica informed me in late October that Klondike was being paired with Blitz.

We put our deposit in so we could have 1stpick of the Klondike and Blitz litter and we specified that we wanted a female. I was informed throughout the whole pregnancy that things were progressing perfectly. Monica messaged me on January 9ththat the first of the puppies were born. I was told that there were 8 puppies, 4 boys and 4 girls but that one pup was very small and they did not think it was going to make it. On the 10thI was told that everything was going fine then suddenly on the morning of the 11thMonica messaged me that they lost 5 puppies overnight and they did not know what happened! They had lost all 4 girls and 1 boy and they were not sure yet if the others would survive. It was at this point that Monica mentioned they had had issues with losing puppies before to the herpes virus!

She told me they had put the pups on antibiotics right away, which I thought was fishy without being advised to do so by a veterinarian. Especially since they had no actual idea what the medical condition was. She assured me however that they were sending the pups in for an “autopsy”… It was at this point it began to become painfully clear that these people really have no actual veterinary knowledge. FYI, an autopsy on an animal is referred to as a necropsy. My fiancé and I were so dumbfounded and crushed we really did not know how to respond. We were trying to be polite and not panic but honestly we were in shock. It took less then 24hrs before Monica was trying to push pups from another litter on us!

A few days had passed and I kept asking questions regarding a necropsy report, well come to find out they never had one done! They never even took the puppies to the veterinarian! They only supposedly sent in blood work. At this point we made it clear we did not want a puppy from that litter as we were not comfortable not even knowing what happened medically and we specifically wanted a female from Klondike. We were given no clear medical information of any kind and after requesting to speak with the owner about a refund we were given the cold shoulder! After requesting a phone call from the owner specifically I finally received a TEXT MESSAGE from him roughly 4 days later!

I told the owner Josh that given the circumstances that we specifically wanted a female from Klondike and that’s what we were paying for that we deserved a refund on our deposit. Josh was blunt and rude on the phone and only offered us a “credit” for a puppy from another litter because “we did not receive our desired puppy”. Uummm actually our desired puppy DIED and we were given NO explanation as to why, so yes, we wanted a refund! All we wanted was our $500 deposit back and we would have disappeared. I hope these shady horrible people lose far more business from this warning and I hope no one else has to ever deal with these sketchy people again!

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