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Kiesel Guitars

Country United States
State California
City Escondido
Address 2015 Aldergrove Avenue
Phone 858-484-8277

Kiesel Guitars Reviews

  • Apr 28, 2018

kiesel is a pathetic compony today marks 2 weeks they have had my new osiris guitar for repair that i only had a few hours and come to find out they have been lying to me about it the whole time as joe the failed service manager that thinks he's slick with words but has no clue told me they have a big problem with there multi-scale bridges and just caught it today when i said how did mine get out then and its excuses after excuses from him and also they don't ship with insurance for the value of your guitar which is sad and shady.

i called them out in a post asking if anyone else had this issue because joe stated there was quite a few builds that had this same issue and he had no time of knowing when they would get these parts to be fixed so i was only giving a heads up to anyone that had a multi-scale bridge they might be waiting for a while till they figure this out with hip shot they got mad and deleted my post i have screen shots of all of it and i got 4 post deleted because jeff don't want people to know there letting out guitars to customers with messed up bridges so i called them on it got banned deleted and then while that was going down they had went to jeff and he cried like a baby about the post cause i exposed his poor customer service and subpar techs and business decisions.

my frustration was why did the guy that set it up fail to address the issue and then qc passed it and it was sent to me f*cked up thats way wrong to begin with so jeff has my money refunded behind my back after i had got the guitar 2 weeks ago and has mike jones call me with some bs about it because jeffs not man enough to do it himself thats total weak sauce and then go on to tell me there refunding my money in full and cutting ties with me because i held them accountable for there f*k ups and there qc dept letting things slide.

this is the 2nd kiesel i have had the same issues with and it hasn't got any better from a year ago what a compony right buyer be warned if you have an issue your likely to be deleted and banned and given the shaft by staff and jeff himself over bringing up there mistakes in a group thats filtered by jeff because he's a little man and don't like anyone calling him out i also messaged him over a week ago about this he read my message but never responded which was a red flag already i knew something was going on they weren't telling me so they had to today when i confronted them really sad i have bought 3 kiesels and supported them hard for the last few years but all this went down in flames because jeff wants to filter the bad.

no one sees it bad mistake on his part ill never recommend them to anyone and or deal with them again this is so shady and I've yet to see my refund even pending in my acct side note they also made the wrong neck during the build and i caught it i have a pic of the build tag even 4 ppl signed off on it and didn't see it was maple and supposed to be solid walnut so that added 3 extra weeks to it and they acted like no big deal funny how the customer caught there mistakes online and there everyday building them and could care less about your hard earned money being spent.

i will never own a kiesel again would not advise anyone one else to mess with this outfit don't believe me i have it posted on my profile with screen shots and pics of the whole thing I still have not got a refund ang going behind someone’s back while you have your sales guys on the phone with me blocking me from your groups and refunding for s guitar I already bought without my consent is low down scum then tell me your cutting ties for me exposing major issues you’re having in your company while you don’t want the public to know well Jeff I’m just getting started you con man low life liar you should be ashamed to not let your customer know there problems and try to hush them and tell them to not talk about it that’s a huge red flag and spending close to 5500 bucks with you and this is how you treat me buyers beware

  • Jan 20, 2018

I have been a client of Kiesel Guitars (Carvin) for many years. I have bought 9 guitars from them. 3 over the past year and a half. I was on Facebook and saw a live video of Jeff Kiesel announcing a special guitar run. It was for a new model called Vanquish. I liked what I heard and saw and decided to order one. I spoke with Mike Jones, went through the specifics, gave him my credit card and placed the order. They were only supposed to take a 300 deposit as per Mike Jones. They banged my card for over $600. The very next day (less than 13 hours since I placed the order), I called back and spoke to Mike. I wanted to make a few changes on the guitar. I have done this in the past when ordering from Kiesel. Mike told me NO. He said it was against the rules.

I was like what rules? Mike said, the rules that were posted on Facebook.

o one ever told me about any rules or conditions. When I ordered the guitar there was nothing disclosed to me. On top of all that, they never sent me a receipt or anything about rules / policy. I got no email, nothing, zero!! So when Mike refused to change my order, I told him to please just cancel the order. He told me NO! He told me according to the rules, I can not cancel the order. So, I went back and forth with some of the supervisors. Joe Stone emailed me that he has to follow Jeff Kiesel’s orders! I told them I would dispute the credit card charges. I Called my CC company, but so far I have not gotten my money back.

It’s been 3 months and now I get an email the guitar is done and they want the balance. I told the person I cancelled the guitar. Now I get an email from another supervisor Anthony San Agustin. He tells me in the email that because I am cancelling I can no longer do future business with Kiesel. LOL!! Like I would ever want to again!! I mean their guitars are ok, but the customer service and the way they treat their long term, loyal clients is a joke! Joe Stone called me today. You could hear in his voice when I spoke to him, that he was basically stumbling on his words and he was quite embarrassed with the situation. He kept putting the blame on Jeff Kiesel. He said this is Jeff’s decision and that he has to follow protocol. I actually recorded the conversation.

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