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Keurig Coffee Makers

Country United States
State Massachusetts
City Burlington
Address 53 South Avenue
Phone 1 (866) 669-8922

Keurig Coffee Makers Reviews

  • Nov 22, 2021

I am writing to express my disappointment with a product purchased from Keurig through Amazon on July 9, 2021. I ordered the Keurig K-Mini Plus Coffee maker, Single Serve K-Cup Machine. Order Number # 113-8999962-4109841.

This machine from the onset has failed to make a decent cup of coffee. Most of the time the water would not fully filter through. It was hit or miss if the machine was going to work each time we tried to use it. We had to either add more water or be satisfied with a quarter cup of coffee. Those times we had to add extra water resulted in a messy leakage of water all over the counter. We eventually stopped using the machine and went back to brewing coffee manually.

The K- Cup coffee was also as a result not potent. It was tasteless and mirky. We tried cleaning the inside of the machine to see if there were blockages and there was nothing.

I paid over $118.66 for this machine which is sitting on my counter because it not usable and much more on K-Cup coffees which tasted disgusting. I am hereby appealing to Keurig to refund my money in full and you can have your machine back. I look forward to this matter being resolved in a timely manner. Cusotmer Service non responsive.

  • Jun 16, 2021

Keurig Coffee Brewers are just a FAD item. They are very expensive and are over engineered, so they break down often and customer service personnel are rude, unhelpful, and just want you to buy another of their overpriced pieces of junk, A Word to the Wise. You would be better off buying a $20 coffee maker from a Thrift Shop then buying a Keurig.

We made the mistake of Falling for the Fad Item and purchased, a few years ago a Keurig Platinum 75 Coffee maker from a major TV Shopping Channel. We paid over $ 159. hard earned dollars for it.

We only used it a few times. We moved, taking it, in the original box and shipping box with us. We put it in the closet and did not use it for several months. We set it up again, and low and behold, there is A PRIME ERROR MESSAGE.

The trouble is that somehow, this over engineered piece of junk, would not allow the water to transfer from the reservior to the pump and coffee maker - therefore, it would not work. I spent over an hour waiting for some snippy and rude guy from Keruig to help me. When he finally got on the phone, and I told him what was happening, he had me go through a series of things to try. None of which helped. I told him that I stored the coffee maker in the original box for a few month.

Then this customer service genius comes up with this gem. THE CLOSET MUST HAVE BEEN COLD, AND THAT IS WHY YOU KILLED THE BREWER, CALLING IT 'IMPROPER STORAGE." All they can offer me is 20% off one of their ridiculously overpriced brewers, which I do not want to pay another $ 159. for - even with 20% off. If this "brainy" rep was honest, he would admit that the machines are just overpriced junk period.

I tried to look up ways to fix the problem on various online sites. One site suggested to blow air through a turkey baster. Nothing would unclog the unit and therefore this poorly made machine is worthless. Acutally less than worthless.

In the end, I sold the unit and parts for $ 5. whole dollars at a garage sale. I would not recommend anyone buy a Keurig. They are overpriced, over engineered, constantly break down, poor customer service, expensive to use because the k-cups cost a fortune. I see from other users of Keurig, on this site, my experience is not unique.


A Word to the Wise

Buy a cheap coffee maker from a store or a used one from a garage sale or thrift shop. You will get better service from a $ 20 coffee maker for YEARS.

Stay away from Keurig and their snippy customer representatives.

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