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Kenneth Froom Tours, Inc.

Country United States
State Florida
City Jupiter
Address 104 Paseos Way
Phone (800) 869-9868

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  • Aug 11, 2019

To whom it may concern: I was recently vetted over a course of time by some person and he contacted me via Facebook. Unbeknownst to me, he was under FAKE NAME and PROFILE. He gave me the name of Benjamin Eugenios. So this is what I knew him by until 08/04/19. We develop a romantic relationship and promises were made that we will marry and build our lives together.

He would take care of me and my children, we would purchase a brand new home, car, and travel the world. He coerce me to leave my job and relationship and broke up my marriage. Kenneth Froom has caused me much financial hardship, emotional and mental anguish. Over the course of time and currently he continues to, and has lied, extorted, bullied and extracted money from me; he is a con artist and has bullied and cohort me to send him my money through multiple BANK WIRES, FRAUD, and is a SCAMMER & SWINDLER.

He said that we were supposed to be investing together in business, for financial security and comfortable lifestyle. I believed him and I believed in him. He kept stringing me along and pressuring me and I kept holding on. However, NOTHING materialized and I FINALLY WOKE UP. Recent discovery was made, and I have found out his real identity, is Kenneth Froom from Jupiter Florida.

I know where he lives according to property appraiser and am interested in pressing charges and pursuing for damages relating to fraud deception, swindling, THEFT, mental duress, depression, anxiety, deteriorating emotional/intellect/mental/physical health, monetary losses/damages and bankruptcy. As a result, I now must take psychotropic medication, to manage my day to day existence. Kenneth preys on the weak and I am a victim of his corruption.

Do I have any legal right to pursue this matter, to get my money back, and receive restitution over THEFT, mental/emotional and other related criminal acts, and personal damages incurred against me and my children? He lives in Jupiter Florida, same county. Discovery was made and I now know, that he owns a lucrative business locally, Kenneth Froom Tours, Inc. (800)869-9868, [email protected] His home address is Jupiter, FL . His telephone number is 469-848-0713, he provided AND has been calling me from.

I discovered by a miracle from God, He is on Facebook under his true name/identity and true business name, and is married. He is in constant contact with me under alias Benjamin Eugenios with phone calls and text, emails ([email protected]), and social media messaging (Facebook Profile: Benjamin Eugenios). I have banking statements, from wiring and more documentation via text Facebook/discussions, and emails from all our communication we swore, the understanding and agreements we vowed.

He promised us a smart home for my handicap son, but instead took advantage of my family and destroyed us. Even though he knew my son is disabled, it didn’t seem to matter. He mislead us and stole our life savings. He communicated with my son via Facebook and telephone calls as well. He doesn’t care, and is heartless, calculating and manipulative, ruthless. Kenneth preys on the weak and is conniving and a thief.

I need your expertise and advice. Please help me, as my son is handicapped in a wheelchair, disabled and now had to be put in a group home due the toll, of Kenneth's deception, emotional abuse, lies and manipulation. My son’s health has deteriorated. I was advised to contact your office because of the nature of this offense to help file a complaint. HE has stolen so much from my family, took advantage of our vulnerability, manipulated and has financially crippled us with no money, due to his lies, tricks and he is a CHEAT and CROOK!!

He has caused me great hardship in so many ways. I recently asked him to return all my money that is due to me. But he REFUSES!!. He needs to be exposed. Kenneth preys on the weak, is very conniving, scheming and a bully. He is a predator and a pretender. I am pleading to you to investigate this complaint and appreciate anything you can do to assist me to further pursue this matter.

Please help me to get all my money back. I don’t know how I am going to make it without your assistance. I would like to press charges against Kenneth Froom. Thank you so much in advance.

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