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Keller Animal Clinic

Country United States
State Texas
City Keller
Address 221 S Main St
Phone 817-431-1213

Keller Animal Clinic Reviews

  • Dec 13, 2017

BEWARE of Dr. Blake Rochell at this clinic! He missed END STAGE CANCER in my beautiful Labrador Retriever, Teddy Bear. I do not blame Mr. Rochell for my dog's death. Cancer is no doctor's fault. However, when you hear the details of our experience you will see that this man MISSED and MISDIAGNOSED our pet on November 20, 2017. Teddy Bear died on December 8, 2017 of END STAGE CANCER. That means this cancer had been in his body for a VERY long time and the doctors at Keller Animal Clinic missed completely that he even had cancer.

Our Story: Teddy Bear had been coughing, getting tired on walks, and I reported this to the doctors before 11/20 and at a follow up visit on 11/20/17 for a skin issue we were also treating due to an oral medicine this clinic prescribed to him. I asked for a heart worm test. It was negative. A blood test came back normal. His pursuit for what was causing my dog to have shortness of breath and not being able to walk even half way around our block was DONE. This guy chalked up my dog's coughing and inability to make it a few feet on a walk to "OLD AGE!" No more tests were done or offered. Had this doctor pursued an actual diagnosis for this shortness of breath and his inability to walk a normal walk around the block, he would have discovered my dog had SPLEEN CANCER that Metastasized to LUNG CANCER! Had we discovered this with a simple X-Ray my family would have had time to prepare for the fact that our dog was DYING! Instead, we were left thinking he was FINE and NOT TO WORRY!

On December 8, 2017, Teddy Bear was unable to compensate any further for the cancer filling his lungs! We discovered, by a simple X-Ray, that Teddy Bear's entire lung on one side was completely whited out in the X-Ray with cancer. He was literally breathing with ONE LUNG and that lung was filled with cancer too but still had room for air flow. THIS is what was causing my precious dog to cough and not be able to make it on walks!!! NOT OLD AGE!!! We were told it was OLD AGE and NOT TO WORRY! This was my husband's dog. He was on a business trip and rushed home to make it there to say good bye to Teddy Bear but Teddy Bear was suffering too much and we had to relieve Teddy Bear of his suffering and so his OWNER did not even get to say good-bye to him!! We were NOT TOLD HE WAS DYING! This guy MISSED END STAGE CANCER!! I will also mention that on November 20, 2017 another woman came into this clinic HYSTERICAL running into the office carrying her little pet screaming out for all to hear "YOU SAID SHE WAS FINE AND SENT HER HOME AND NOW SHE IS DEAD!!" I was SO distraught over this traumatic event in this office that I was crying for this poor woman and her pet!! I should have known then that something was SERIOUSLY WRONG with this clinic! She was told "be quiet” We were happy at this clinic for a long time. But we never dealt with SERIOUS life threatening illness! How would we know they could be so inexperienced and so totally negligent when it came to Serious Illnesses if we did not experience their lack of expertise??? We could not have known really. We learned the hard way.

Please heed our warning and RUN from this clinic!!! When our Teddy Bear died we did not get a call from this office or even a caring gesture. When I called yesterday to ask about what happened on November 20, 2017, I did NOT get a call back. I did NOT get a call back today either! I had to call them and talk to this guy who said "I have been too busy to call you back." What a complete and total heartless and incompetent sorry excuse for a vet. When we brought Teddy Bear into their clinic on December 8, 2017, the X-Ray machine was BROKEN! Because of this, we had to for another clinic on top of the $100 we paid this Keller clinic that day because their equipment was BROKEN! That is maybe why they did NOT X-Ray my dog on November 20, 2017 too! This is an OLD office with OLD equipment and NEW Inexperienced vets. RUN RUN RUN RUN!!! SAVE YOU PRECIOUS PETS AND YOUR FAMILY FROM THEIR INCOMPETENCE!!

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