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Katz Rodriguez

Country United States
State Alabama
City Sheffield
Address P.O Box #66
Phone (702) 473-0142

Katz Rodriguez Reviews

  • May 29, 2018

I have worked with katz rodriguez for a number of years now. She is always acted with integrity and heart. I referred her 2 count was friends and family and she has never disappointed us. She is a joy to work with and and has always been truthful and honest and everything that she does now she doesn't. I understand why spiritual workers of her caliber charge what they charge. And i have much respect for her. People riding yscam for making any of these false accusations are doing so because they can. Jealousy, rivalries, and falling outs are all reasons for the ferocity that you see on some of these websites. When they make accusations they provide no proof, no details of the work is being done, no details of the conversations that have happened, nor given the opportunity to respond. It is always vague and only meant to drive people away from an honest spiritual worker, and towards them.

Fear-mongering is a tactic used by many dishonest spiritual workers and is meant to make you believe that you need to work immediately and from them because they're the only ones that can help. You only need to look at the reviews and ask questions that's the important part. Ask lots of questions see if this is a person you want to talk to. And if you ever feel uncomfortable for whatever reason, just don't do the work. If you are having second thoughts for whatever reason, just don't do the work. It's that simple, don't let anyone push you into doing any spell work and separating you from your cash. Katz of first one to tell you that. As for me, spirit has left me to katz rodriguez the green-eyed witch to work with and learn from in a way that feeds my soul and benefits me and my family. I have grown spiritually and benefited health-wise and financially. I use my instincts they have kept me safe from predatory workers and brought me to the one i was meant to learn from. She has connected me to a wonderful babalow i now have a small circle of friends and trusted advisors that i know will not fail me.

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