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Katy Ptak Puffer

Country United States
State Texas
City Tyler
Address 10581 County Road 127
Phone 936 426 3103

Katy Ptak Puffer Reviews

  • Nov 2, 2020

I found and contacted Katy to purchase a great dane puppy. We picked him up on 10.23.2020 in Tyler, Texas 3 hours from our home. We got him home. He had diarrhea the first night, which was a Friday night. He stopped eating on Sunday. Took him to the vet Monday 10.26.2020. After finding he has an undescended t******e, worms, possible parvo/distemper we contacted seller. Katy stated the puppy was fine when she sold him and that we would need to have our vet contact hers and then she woud talk to us.

We tried to contact her later in the day and she blocked out phone numbers, emails, and deleted her facebook dane and personal pages. I found out from vet and others that she knew the pupies, all 32 she had, were exposed to distemper from another small dog she brought home. As of this time I know of 11 puppies from the 32 have passed away from distemper at this time. I know she now has two new puppies of different breed I am sure she will breed and sell. She has done this to numerous people and refusing refunds or any help with vet bills. Beware!!!

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