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JW Home Improvement

Country United States
State Alabama
City Gaithersburg
Address 849 Quince Orchard Blvd Ste A
Phone (703) 899-3129

JW Home Improvement Reviews

  • Apr 30, 2018

ANGE F36054AACAED Angies list special for 3 hours handyman work to paint kitchen wall before new refridgerator was to be put in. I took down a border from kitchen being painted previously. I needed help to re-paint kitchen and possibly doe a backsplash. I had a quote from another company $300 for paint incl. material; $600.00 for backspalsh.

In the interim I had contacted JW Home Improvement, I had used them before and had had issues however, they followup up on the complaints. This time I heard from Jim Wolohan who responded to the Angies list 'deal' but wanted me to revise my review from a year ago "if they did a good job". I felt this was unethical but noted, caveat being "IF" they did a good job. I re-read what I wrote the previous year and felt it was spot on.

1) Communcaton issues with Handymen when they arrived promptly at 8:30am; they didn't like the paint I selected, and wanted to go to Lowes for a diffeant paint.

I noted registrars in the ceiling that had not been done as well; they were gone for 40min. w/ paint but could not find the registrars. They knew nothing about the backsplash so I nixed that and asked if they could re-paint corner cupboard; I thought with 2 men it would take less time. I was advised to get semigloss paint which I had.

2) communication with receptionist who kept telling me it would be 2 weeks before they could come out; Jim indicated they could come out that Friday [13th]. in the morning, I said ok.

Jim came by unannounced to see how things were going. I pointed out the confusion from the morning and that I opted not to do the backsplash at this time. He took measurments of the registrars, which were emailed later and I found them at HOme Depot.

Another guy, Joe-came out and put in the registrars; and caulked the crown molding which was cracking and did a good job. However, I was shocked when I recieved an invoice for $1,326.47. Due May 8th.

4/14/2018 00001 Man hours of Labor 7.50 rate 124.00 Amont 930.00 $124.00 hour/hourly rate for labor *

0004 30 Minute lunch break 2 -62.00 -124.00

0002 Material 1 86.47 86.47

0004 30 Minute lunch break 2 -62.00 -124.00

00001 Man hours of Labor 7.50 124. 930.00


PV 32347-0-1 4/13/2018

PV 32347-0-2 4/13/2018

005 Angies list 3 hour big deal coupon-2

Angies list 3 hour big deal coupon (-3 man hours): (3) man hours of labor for only $199. ! Value $318 qty 1 -372

005 Reserve 3 hour AL coupon

3 hr deal payment offset qty 1 289 [paid] 289

Total due $1,326.47

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