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Jorge S. Servin

Country United States
State California
City Wildomar
Address 20350 Guffy Ln.
Phone 619-379-8484

Jorge S. Servin Reviews

  • Dec 4, 2018

In my opinion, Jorge S. Servin is a con-artist. He defrauded my father out of a significant amount of money in a mortgage scam resulting in my father losing all of his apartment properties on top of the money. I have discovered via Facebook that he has defrauded at least two other individuals on top of my father, so there may be more.

Jorge Servin presents himself as self employed in investments. As shown in the following video link, he also presents himself as a religious man on Facebook and that may be his way of gaining your trust. This is the video link (you may have to copy and paste):

With my father, who was looking to refinance rental properties that he owned at the time, he convinced my father that there was a very wealthy woman who would pay off the mortgages on the properties for my father and then my father would own them free and clear.

In my father’s defense, he is a senior citizen and it was easy for Jorge Servin to convince my father that there were people like the lady he spoke about. My father asked me to request pay-off amounts for his properties from the lending institutions they were mortgaged with. Unbeknownst to me, my father was working with Jorge Servin and when I asked about the pay-off amounts, he told me what he was doing with Jorge Servin, which raised a red flag with me.

My father put me on the telephone with Jorge Servin and I listened to his spiel. I told Mr. Servin that he was full of crap and instructed my father not to proceed doing business with him. Unfortunately, my father didn’t listen to me. My father later told me that Mr. Servin showed him pay off amount checks from the wealthy lady. My father mailed the checks in and stopped making his mortgage payments. A few months later, all of my father’s rental properties were taken over by the lending institutions. Futher, I later learned that my father had also paid Jorge Servin a significant fee for the services he was providing to work with this supposed wealthy lady.

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