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Jeff Miller

Country United States
State Colorado
City Grand Junction

Jeff Miller Reviews

  • Aug 24, 2019

So this big handsome was a loveable, handsome goof ball of love that fell into the wrong hands. The man I adopted him out to deceived me told me he was gonna give Brutas the best home he could ever have, not listening to a word i told him he put Brutas in a situation that ended his life. Instead of letting me know he took it apon him self to put brutas in the shelter and paid for him to be put to sleep.

I was devastated and heart broken for 3 days i went down to the shelter and did everything possible to try and get him out and bring him home. I had set up a meet and greet with project pit bull love before hand when he asked me the first time to take him back and ended up chaning his mind.

I was told by one of the officers that if i could prove that brutas was not with jeff (the adopter) for a full six months i could take him with me the next day i went down and showed them proof that he only been with jeff for 23 weeks and they told me that that wasnt a thing they do. Bullshit right. I called jeff and asked him if he could meet me down at the shelter reclaime Brutas and relinquish him back to me he refused to answer me and when he did he was rude about it every time id ask he would make an excuse.

I went off on everyone in the shelter because they were treating Brutas like he was a serial killer. I asked to see him and they told me no. I asked if could be there when they put him down so that his last memory would be seeing the person that did everything i could to better his life from the life he had before me. They told me no. I asked if they could let me know before they put him down and they told me rudly that they would call me after it was done.

They treated him this way because jeff made him out to be this dangerous killing animal when i knew this dog better than anyone and he was a happy, loving life, big goof ball who only wanted love and he was let down this entire life. Today at 1pm they put Brutas down and iv been having a hard time with it. I feel as if i have failed him, but the happiest i ever seen him was when he was with me. He will be a reason why i will keep fighting for the bully breeds.

R.I.P Brutas Boy, I love you big boy. Now no one will let you down any more. Im sorry and i did what i could. You have a special place in my heart. Just a little more. Brutas is a dog i rescued from a home who neglected him of love and thats all he ever wanted. All he knew were four walls to a room before i got him. I worked with this handsome boy for 2 years and with the right person he would have made someone an awsome dog and companion. He is also My Dodgy boys Uncle.

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