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iYogi Limited

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 291 Broadway, Suite 305
Phone (866) 914-9049

iYogi Limited Reviews

  • Sep 22, 2017

This company "offers "cleanup and service" for a set fee. They sure do set you up!

After they are into your computer the trouble begins. As everyone has stated herein; it is a total scam to get more money out of you after an initial investment of $200. You think you had trouble before? Well it would omy begin with these scam artists out of Bangalor India.

If you need help, better to go to Greek Squad here in the US out of Best Buy! Good Luck!

It is a shame you can not go anywhere today without lookng over your shoulder!

  • Aug 12, 2016

On 9/25/2015 i had purchased a 5tb external hard drive, and an auxilary power unit for my work computer for the amount of $389.98. After a couple of weeks i noticed it had not arrived. I called customer service and they appologized and said there had been a back order of the products. This happend again and again so i told them to cancell and refund my money. They had said i would recieve my refund in 4-5 business days. Every time i call this is the responce i got. I started asking for a superviser who said the same thing.

this went on for 10 months. For a while i would not even get anyone to answere the phone. Now there are never any supervisors available and they tell me to submit the info to their customerservice e-mail with a case ID# which they give you every time you get to talk to them. one of the representitivessaid he was able to get me a partial refund and that there was an error and had to submit the rest to an investigation team. I did not get that either. I recieved 1 e-mail from their customerservice saying the recieved my request and it is under investigation and i would get a responce within 72hrs. no such responce. I have sent several e-mails by now and not one responce. I have filed a report with the federal trade commision in hopes that some way they can stop iYogi from doing business in the USA, or maybe help get me my refund.

  • Jul 20, 2016

I paid Iyogi to maintain and clean up my computer for 1 year and they did a good job the first time, then when I called again, there was a 30 minutes wait to connect to a tech support person. I went through the verification process and they keep insisting that I purchase something more from them.

When I declined, the atmosphere changed and they did a half-a**** job of cleaning up my computer and it took 21/2 hours all of which time I had to be in front of the computer.

This happened for the next 3 times when I called them to clean up my computer. There is a minimum of 30- 45 minutes wait to connect to tech suppport and at least 2 hours to clean up the computer and I had to be sitting before the computer during this time.

They convinced me to purchase a laptop from them and I pain for it with my credit card and after 3 weeks of not receiving it, they promised and guaranteed that it would arrive within 5 days, when It did not arrive within 10 days, I again called and they again guaranteed arrival within 3 days, after 1 week I called them and insisted on a refund and all the time they were trying to convince me to wait a few more days. I finally received a refund after 6 weeks.

If you have 30-45 minutes to wait for someone to answer the phone and 2-3 hours to sit before your computer doing nothing, and pay for terrible service, then this is the company for you.

  • Jul 2, 2016

Company called me from 1-877-710-0840 stating that my computer is having problems with my windows systems. I said how does he know. he said microsoft shows that my computer shows reported problems with windows. I said is this a joke and he said Yes this is a joke my friends have called him to call me that report this error. I wonder if they are spamming others and if others are falling for this. I would like to report this issue.

  • Jun 27, 2016

I paid iYogi for telephone help when I had computer problems. Often times they would help and other times they would hang up or spend too much time trying to sell me something I already said I wasn't interested in buying. Often they would disconnect my call if I said I wasn't going to buy their product/s.

When I got upset with them for always trying to sell me something, they would hang up on me and not accept my return calls.

I spent quite a bit of money for their services, and no matter how much I spent, they were always trying to sell me more.

I'm hoping there is a legal recourse to recuperate the money I spent and did not get the services they promised.

  • Jun 24, 2016

The company I Yogi signed me up for three years of service giving me software for protection of

virus and also services if something was needed to be fixed on my computer. They decline to

work on my computer when I would call stating that I ordered security soft ware and that was it.

you call them and it takes hours for them to answer or the phones were out of order. which leaves me with no service.

  • Mar 31, 2016

I agreed to 5 years of Iyogi service and they gave me 1 year and then stopped any contact with me. I can't call them or get any tech help. I have been ripped of for hundreds of dollars.

  • Jan 11, 2016

I really needed help with this computer, and dell the company I've used for years, and the computer i'm working on know was brought from them, directed me to iyogi since then i've paid for services that i thought was fixed. if anybody ask about this company I'll say run like hell, the have a staff that i believe is two people at most there english is not so good and they talk to you like you are slow in understanding, they lie about fixing what you want, and they scan your computer to see what you have. if you get a chance to see these guys in action just log on and ask them for help

  • Dec 21, 2015

On the 6th of Oct 2015 I tried to contact McAfee to upgrade and was shuttled to IYogi. IYogi Installed their soft ware and charged me $149.00. They then told me that I needed an external hard drive to support Windows 10 and Mcafee.

The money was also to includePC Optimizer professional. I was charged$208.99 for a external hard drive. As of today I haae yet to t to my bank account and sawthat they had transferred $1200.00 from my savings to my checking( I got my bank on another line and tried to get them to do aomething about it at that time. No luck although I was told to go to the bank in person and file a fraud report)This is hard to write out as the back up isn't working. The gist is that I received nothing for my money had to file a fraud report and had to change all accounts word etc. I still haven gotten their soft ware out of my machine. I got a call stating that IYogi had been bought by windows and would be returning all money. I couldn't go for that scam again. I have since heard that this might be true but no provisions have been made to insure that IYogi would payup.

  • Dec 18, 2015

Computer came down with a virus. Checked on line for a company to fix problem and chose Biggest mistake.

After a hard sell they charged me some $500.00 to fix the problem and protect my computer for 3 years with 24/7 support.

I was contacted by an iyogi rep. sayin my computer had a lot ov viruses and i would have to spenf anothe $150.00 to clean it. I refused the service a few days later my computer crashed and the Local Geek squad co. Could not repair it. I had to end up buying a new computer. i tried to get a refund of the unused portion of the money i paid, I was promised that the check would be mailed. I called back 3 times to check on the status and was just given a run around. This co is in India and here in the USA we cannot do much to recover money spent on their bogus claims and outright scams. This company should not be in business. It is one of the worst companies I have dealt with and i am warning any potentia customers to stay far away from iyogi. The will control your computer hold it hostage and you will have to buy a new one if you do not pay their ransom.

  • Dec 11, 2015

U dd a job assignment for Iyogi thru WorkMarket and complete the assignment and sent in all my paperwork, called to check in and out and sent the customer signoff sheet for apporval to services rendered by me for Iyogi.

No Boot, PC not turning On, Freezes at startup or any other Boot Related Problem (ID: 4779802593)

  • Dec 5, 2015

Iyogi popped up on my screen saying that they could speed up my computer. They would protect all and 2 cellphones my computer for 5yrs for $360. I agreed and they sent a remote access to my computer, which sped up the process temporarily, and every time I try to get a hold off them on the phone they refer me to their website, and that's always busy.

They told me that one of my computer needed more hard drive space and charged me $206.99 and told me they would ship out the hard drive to me within 5-10 business days, it's been over 3 months and still have not recieved my hard drive. I've called Iyogi numerous times and went on their website countless time and still cannot get a hold of anyone.

  • Nov 9, 2015

I have been hijacked by IYOGI this is a anti virius computer tune up company. they called my to get rid of all my viriuses and then they tried to sell my a $299 fix for all my problems on my computer. I told them I did not want their program and they locked my computer. Now it will not even turn on it is junk I have tech services by them until 2017. they will not give me the password to be able to turn on my system. now I have no computer.

  • Oct 15, 2015

This is a complaint about IYogi Internet Services and their not refunding me a product I purchased on June 25, 2015.

The History:

I purchased two products on June 25, 2015 at the recommendation from an IYogi employee. The products were Microsoft office 2013 and Microsoft windows 8.1. In an attempt by the technicians from IYogi and Lenovo to try to get Microsoft windows 8.1 on my computer, the hard drive crashed. I had no need for the products. After some phone calls about the problem, on July 9th, I was refunded $175.99 which reflected the cost for windows 8. Before the product was even returned. I sent both products (windows 8.1 and Microsoft office 2013) back on 7/14/15 and after repeated phone calls to see if the products arrived (I didn’t have the tracking number and they couldn’t tell me where it was), on 8/18/15 the products apparently arrived and they said they would refund the remaining amount of $259.99 for the Microsoft Office.

Immediately on 8/19/15 my American Express had a refund of $84.00, not the $259.99. When questioned about that refund on 8/19/15 the customer “service” person said he didn’t know about that refund but the $259.99 would be refunded in 5-7 business days. Reference #2015081916756762.

I called 8/26/15 and was told that it was processed on 8/18/15 and I would be refunded in 3-5 business days.

I called on 9/5/15 and again was told by an Amit Kumar the refund was processed on 8/18/15 and would be in my American express on 9/8/15. I again explained there was a refund of $84.00 but he also said he didn’t know about that refund. Transaction # 2015090516851040.

I called on 9/10/15 and was told by a “service” representative that it was just processed (despite prior representatives saying it was processed on 8/18/15) and would be in my American Express in 3-5 business days. As of 9/18/15, there is no refund

I called customer service again 9/15/15 and she said she would have them investigate why I haven’t gotten refund and to call in 24-48 hours. The number I called was 855-732-32322.

I called 9/18/15 and was told it was processed on 9/15 and it would be 2-3 business days. I said this was NOT acceptable and wanted to speak to his supervisor or the finance department. He referred me to Akhmed, supervisor from the customer service department. He reiterated that the refund has been made. I told him, no, the American Express only shows the $84.00 refund on Aug. 19, 2015. He requested I email a copy of the statement showing the refund, which I have done. I am to call him back Wednesday 9/23/15 so he has a couple of business days to investigate.

I called on 9/23 and still no resolution and was told by ‘Shivi” that her supervisor would call me in 1-2 days. No phone call

9/30/15 I called again and the supervisor didn’t know what the problem was. I re-explained and was transferred to “Rohit” who said he would know by tomorrow at this time (9 AM) when the refund would be in my account. I told him if the refund was not in the American Express account on the stated date, I was going to contact the BBB and FTC with this letter.

I called on 10/1/15 and spoke again to Rohit and he said the deposit would be made by 10/6/15. It is now 10/7/15 and I called customer service yet again. I got the same advice, call back in 2 days. This is the stall tactic. I have called 10 times about the refund with exactly the same answer, “call back”.

What I want:

I am highly disappointed in the IYogi service. I feel I am being jerked around on the refund. If there is a problem with the refund, please advise and I can provide all the necessary materials to prove I am owed $175.99 ($259.99 minus $84.00) .

  • Sep 9, 2015

I get free McAfee because of my Cox internet service. When my computer had a virus and other problems I contacted McAfee and when I called I got this company called iyogi. I assumed they were a third party that McAfee paid to handle problem calls. After I agreed to pay them to fix my problems which they did a fair job but not what they promised a year later they charge me without my authorization approximately $119 for some renewal which I did not order and my credit card is disputing and crediting back my money. I would be very cautious about this company, they try to upsell you and they bad mouth McAfee saying it's no good because it's free and they will automatically charged your credit card without your knowing it, beware!

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