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report scam LLC

Country United States
State Florida
City Sanford
Address 4220 Church St Ste. 2000
Phone (855) 487-9678
Website LLC Reviews

  • Oct 13, 2020 Offered me $100 and said i would recieve the money in paypal within 5 days. Still havent recieved anything. Said its locked. And its not. I sent tje phone on 9.15.2020

  • Sep 11, 2017

This company has a compelling offer, simply put they claim they pay more for your phone!

They begin by attracting you with a high offer for your phone in my case an iPhone 6 S Plus in excellent condition.

My experience is they are trying to appear as a legitimate company with a slick marketing website and campaign.

They offered me $297.00 for my iPhone which was in excellent condition with all accessories and the original box. They contacted me upon receipt of my iPhone and said after inspection my iPhone had cracks and was only worth $152.00.

This clearly was not true they merely baited me to send them the phone and then switched their offer based on fictitious damage. As you can see from others this appears to be there common practice bait and switch.

So far they have had my phone now for almost a month and have yet to return it, as of this writing.

I have requested they return my iPhone based on their lowball offer and make believe damages. They claim to be responsive and focused on customer satisfaction. The promise falls well short of what they deliver.

I suggest you save yourself time and frustration from dealing with this organization. I give them a one star and do not recommend them!

  • Oct 17, 2016

I sent an IPHONE 5S to this company after they offered me 98.00 online. This phone was in pristine condition and I used it up to the day I sent it to this company. I have had absolutely no problems with this phone whatsoever.

Several days after they received my phone, the company emailed and said I had a swollen battery and that the battery would not hold a charge and that the screen was lifted up on the left side as a result of the battery being swollen. They downgraded their offer to 78.00.

This phone was immaculate and I know there was no problem with the battery because I used it every day. The screen was not lifted and if fact was like new, I cleaned it before I sent it to them and there was no "lifting " of the screen. This phone was always in an Otter Box, covere, protected and did not have a scratch on it.

After reading other reviews about this company, I feel as if I have been mislead like so many others. I have refused their offer and they state they will return my phone. It had better be in the same like new condition I sent it to them or I will follow through with the BBB and legal processes if need be.

  • Dec 10, 2015

I sent my phones to this company they promise a amount of money then th ed message me my phone have water damage and is worthless cheaters liars my phone was inspected before I sender to this thieves don't trust them

  • Oct 15, 2015

I sent my 1 year old Iphone 5 in to after receiving an offer of $118 for very good condition. After they received my phone they take about 4 days to evaluate it and then tell me the phone frame is bent and now the phone is worth $48. My phone has never been dropped or had any damage to it, EVER. It has been in a case from the day I purchased it. I even sent it in its original box so it would not get damaged. Itsworthmore takes your phone and lies about its condition, then offers you pennies for it. I have not received my phine back as of yet, but my next step if to file a complaint with the BBB. Do not do business with this company. Liars.

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