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Hypeprnow Reviews

  • Jun 6, 2018

Victoria Pressly, Talbot, already has many reports on here, that she thought she could evade by changing her name and company name to HypePRnow and her name to Victoria Bracie. LOL GOOD TRY YOU SCAM ARTIST LIFE SUCKING b***h !!

Just go on her website, its pathetic... the photos of here are a massive LOL....

Shes a big talker, claiming she can get you huge covers, sports illustrated, GQ, etc. She calls you like crazy pressuring you to pay her thousands to do the PR contract and claims this is just a retainer and it will carry over if she doesnt get you something that month.

I gave in, cut to 6 months later she hasnt gotten me one SHRED of PR, and just STOLEN my money. I asked for a refund, citing that she she not get me any PR that i paid $3500 for. She BLAMED ME, saying my pictures werent good enough, etc. THEN DONT TAKE MY MONEY IF YOU ARE A FRAUD!!!!

She's done this to other girls, and she will not stop, I don't know how this old ugly b***h sleeps at night.

In her bio she claims she founded DNA models, another large LOL

Stop it Victoria, the JIG Is up and the entire industry knows youre a joke, the word will get OUT that you are a fraud and con artist slimy b***h.

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