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Houston County Human Resources

Country United States
State Alabama
City Dothan
Address 1605 Ross Clark Cir
Phone 334-677-0400

Houston County Human Resources Reviews

  • Oct 6, 2016

My 8 yr old and 6 yr old boys and at the time 3 month old baby girl were removed from my home in janurary 2016 because of ONE negative drug screen ordered by a dhr investigator. They were placed in a foster home. Three weeks ago we are told that my 8 yr old told another child he had been "raped" by a 14 yr old boy in the home. When I was told about it it was 6 days later and it was made as if it was nothing but they removed the 14 yr old immediatly . The law wasn't called or anything but dhr took my two boys to the areas child advocacy center and was evaluated but without the GAL, without law enforcement, and without my lawyer being present to witness the interviews. I don't know much about law, but I feel like mine and more importantly my children's rights have been violated by these so called " social workers". Here we are almost a month since my oldest son spoke out about his abuse and nothing has been done. I was told it is a very slow process due to the ages of the children. Someone please help me. My babies aren't getting the justice they deserve for this horrible tragedy they have endured.

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