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Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 85 Broad Street, Office 1632
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  • May 22, 2022

I saw ads for Woofy Inc's services advertised on Facebook in December 2021. I own a small business and this company claims to help with writing content for social media posts and blog using Artificial Intelligence technology for choosing words and emojis. I signed up in February. The sign up process on the site instructed me to follow directions in an email.

That email arrived at 5:57 on 2/2/22, using the verbiage “order” and confirmed the amount of $89.10 which included a coupon code that I had used. I followed the instructions from the site and email, which specifically told me to reenter my basic information, a serial key that was sent to me in the email, and my credit card number so I was not surprised when it asked for all of this information a second time.

I was charged again. The second email came at 6:04 on 2/2/22 and used the verbiage “invoice” and showed a full price charge of $104. Neither the site nor the second email had the instructions to complete the set up that the first go around had. I tried the service and the AI didn't work. The words it suggested were nonsense and the emojis were inaccurate.

For instance, I was writing about the astrological sign Pisces and the only two astrological signs it recommended as emojis were not Pisces. When I was typing a sentence the AI recommendation just duplicated all of the words I had already typed in that sentence. And as I continued, it suggested the word “health” which had nothing to do with what I was writing.

Google and my iPhone have much more sophisticated AI predictive text suggestions. The company has a 2 week refund policy. I followed the policy of emailing [email protected] within 24 hours of purchasing (email sent 2/3/22 at 1:51). I requested a refund of the first charge due to dissatisfaction and a refund of the second one because it was a duplicate.

When I didn't get a reply I filed disputes with my credit card. The owner of Woofy Inc, Arjun Rai has harassed me since I brought the disputes to his attention in February on a Facebook post where he was demonstrating his product, making it sound like he was unaware of the disputes otherwise. He started by harassing me via email, insisting that I didn't follow his sign up instructions properly (“you didn’t follow the instructions right”), didn't use his software properly (“you’re not using it right”), and never asked for a refund (“you didn’t email me” which reminds me of him not knowing about the dispute either).

On 2/19/22 I got an email from him that my service had been canceled. Then he started using the credit card dispute process to harass me. He made the same claims to my credit card company despite me providing evidence, that he is provided, that I did follow his sign up instructions and his return policy.

He escalated his claim to say that I have been using the service after filing my dispute, which is untrue. I never used it, and never tried to log in after first trying to use it, and he canceled my account on 2/19. He should have records of logins and should have the content people create saved in their accounts. He can see for himself that I tried to create 1 post before giving up, never published it, and never logged in again.

He also claimed that I intentionally provided my credit card company with false information, trying to prevent me from successfully winning my dispute. Yet in one of his replies to Citi he showed what looks like a screen shot of his email box with my name in the search field and no emails showing as his evidence that I “lied” about asking for a refund, but it also doesn’t show any of the emails that he responded to in our correspondence so that screen shot is clearly just an attempt to set me up.

I take accusations against my integrity very seriously and have reported the libel, harassment, initial problems with the transaction to the FTC. While I was researching the information needed for that complaint, I stumbled across public audit records of this company and learned that the company operates at a loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

I also found that most of the 5-Star reviews on his FB page are from bots posting clickbait. My credit card company permanently credited my account and advised that they will be pursuing the claims independently from me. His ads continue to show up in my FB feed despite me clicking the elections to stop it.

When it does I will sometimes make factual comments (like those here) warning other hard-working business owners of my experience. He emailed me on 5/21/22 and cc’ed what I believe is an attorney threatening to take legal action if I don’t stop.

His advertising is misleading in regards to the sophistication of his software, he didn't honor his return policy, he harassed me when I tried to get my money back, he committed libel by telling Citi that I am lying about having properly followed his refund policy...despite the actual email to the dispute records, and he has tried to threaten the legal system to intimidate me into silence. I don't want him doing it to anyone else.

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