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Healthy Perfect Skin

Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles
Address 120 E. 8th St. Suite 302
Phone 888-604-9168

Healthy Perfect Skin Reviews

  • Jul 20, 2016

This company Premium Beauty Products in located in LA and is run by folks whose first language is probably Asian or Eastern European. Their English sucks but they've figured out how to create websites which seem to offer FREE trials of 'wonderful' beauty products like skin creams, wrinkle removers.

They offer a free trial and quickly the popup disappears and you've signed up to get a free trial but their shipping and handling charges are huge and if you don't call them within 30 days, you've permanently signed iup for a "subscription" for $90/month of 1/2 oz containers of crappy skin creams not as good as what you find in a Walmart or Walgreens. And they charge and charge and charge until you figure it out and stop the charges. But there was, deeply hidden on their website, the fact that you have to pay and there is no refund, unless you canceled the subscription you didn't know you had. When I called the wait was 20 minutes on hold and then a rude young woman refused to do anything, no refund that's all. So I threatened to go to the California Attorney General's Office and the Federal Trade Commission and then she offered a 50% refund "as a courtesy". I still don't know if I will get it. My credit card company told me that these fake subscriptions are the biggest scams they have to deal with every day.

They have posted HUNDREDS of websites with fake reviews. They own the websites and they write the reviews. It is all a fraud, a scam and a thievery.

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