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Guerra Treasury Management

Country United States
State Alabama

Guerra Treasury Management Reviews

  • Jun 15, 2019

Con Man Fran

This guy scammed me in California. I was told I was getting a guaranteed rate on a low risk investment and as soon as I deposited my funds he closed off communications. I have an open legal investigation that seems to be going no where. Do not work with this scammer.

  • May 22, 2019

Francisco guerra is running a ponzi scheme and calling it "guerra treasury management".

I, like many others, have been duped by fraudulent con artist francisco guerra. I trusted him with my life's work in investments/finances and he screwed me over to the point of no return. He, like his business, is a con who will dupe you into sending him your money, with the plan of him holding it in his "investment firm."

He lives in puerto rico and tries to abuse the tax incentive there called the act 20 and act 22 acts. He cons people into giving them there money thinking they can get the tax break as well, when in reality, he is just using there money to get by on a day to day basis. He claims to be well connnected with politicans so i am afraid to do anything public. When i hired a private investigator to search into his past they couldnt find much information about him. He is not a usa citizen and doesnt have a real birth certificate. The investigator was able to find his alias matching mugshot photo under the name of juan miguel lopez. He was arrested for money laundering and wire fraud in miami in 2011. Please see the attached mugshot.

This guy is a total disgrace and i just hope this finds people who are questioning whether or not they want to invest with fraudulent francisco guerra. Do not invest with him. I repeat do not invest with him. He's conned his way to riches, but not any longer. He is truly a scum bag who needs to be taken down!

He also runs an illegal check processing scam by misleading banks andis associated with a criminal mexican fraud ring.

Francisco guerra Likely a false name/identity) has been divorced at least 5 times That we know about, could be more). He has abused many of his ex wives 2 of them have active restaining orders against him. He avoids paying child support for one of his sons even though he has enough money to fly around in a helicopter.

Below are a list of people that support and help his ponzi

Francisco guerra - leader of the scam likely a false alias.

Frankie guerra - recruiter for his ponzi

Ryan clear - manager of his ponzi/ document foggier

Kim muse and alicia moore - bookeeping fraud

This is the site he uses to dupe his victims. Https://

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