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Grip Genie

Country United States
State North Carolina

Grip Genie Reviews

  • Apr 29, 2019 states on it that theyll give silver dollars if you close it. I seen many talk on a thing called discord of it some say its a tongeu in cheeck thing I feel like the guys that brought it up and say it is more like false advertising.

if it is they should remove it I think or say just kidding perhaps. I dont wish to get them into any trouble maybe warn of it or something.

  • May 29, 2019

Greatest Grippers I've Gripped!

The Level 1 gripper mentions living until 195, the Level 5 gripper will "send you to Saturn as a grip ambassador," and the Level 6 gripper will "grant... the rights to a small island on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean." The writing on this site clearly couched in camp and whimsy.

But if we're taking thing literally, the Level 4 gripper description clearly states: "Buy this because you like the color black not because you've worked up to this level" so as soon as you prove that you never worked up your grip strength and only bought it because it was a kickass black color and then show me a close I'll send you a silver dollar myself.

  • May 28, 2019

Mildly Funny

Hi! This is Erin, one of the partners over here at Grip Genie. I’m guessing you are the same person who put us on other websites with this same complaint so I’m just going to copy my response from that website below;

“...thanks for the post! This is indeed tongue in cheek. If you look at the descriptions of all of our grippers there are many fun "easter eggs" for example:

1) "If you can get a GG5, you're basically an expert and we'll send you to Saturn as a grip ambassador."

2) "The master of all Genie Grippers. Be careful with this one, it's a wiley one. When you close a GG6 you are granted the rights to a small island on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean."

Not entirely sure why this is confusing...but if you end up obtaining the rights to an island...well, we can't even afford vacations for ourselves so please send us a pretty post card when you get there.”

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