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Country United States
State Washington
City Seattle
Address 3101 Western Avenue, Ste 400
Phone 206.981.5241

Greystar Reviews

  • Feb 11, 2020

I am a former resident as of October 31, 2019 of Casa Anita Apartments which is ran by Greystar Real Estate Partners, LLC here in Phoenix, AZ.

I moved into Casa Anita even when I didn't understand why tenants had to pay "community lights and water" as well as their own utlities, but coming from Grand Rapids, MI everything was different to me so I went along with it.

I was disappointed to find out that sometimes the sprinkler system would be tampered with and water would run all night long, while there isn't any grass/foilage in most areas in the complex. The outside lights would be turned on before dusk and still on when I leave for work in the morning.

We all know Arizona is sunny and bright, really do not need light until darkness sets in, but nevertheless, what I really am concerned about is how apartment managers can engage in egregious and intentional efforts to mislead tenants in order to evict them, as well as the courts turning a blind eye and a deaf ear.

I moved in to Casa Anita July 2016 and was forced into eviction on my 50th birthday 2019. I am a fair person, pride myself on being kind and understanding, but right now I am completely depleted, losing my faith, and afraid that I can't get back into a safe place for me and my family due to an eviction now being on my record.

My daughter and I have been homeless for over 3 months now and it is not fair at all. I have been emotionally and physically abused due to this, we had no holiday festivities (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year), slept in places that were extremely dangerous, lost a lot of our belongings, lost jobs due to attendance issues, and we are extremely exhausted.

I am searching for someone who can help me recover my loses against Casa Anita/Greystar as well as find my daughter and I a suitable and safe place to live.

The apartment manager blocked me from paying rent through a third party portal (WIPS) starting from the end of September 2019 which in turn made excessive late fees. I went to court October 25, 2019 to show the judge my proof of the countless times I tried to pay even though the amount kept going up.

I didn't have legal representation because number one I couldn't afford it and two I didn't have enough time to properly get ready for a court proceeding therefore I went alone. I believed once the judge seen my emails to the apartment manager as well as the photograph of the third party portal stating my account was "ERROR" which meant they couldn't take my payments and post it to my account, she would find it unavoidably conspicuous as to why the apartment manager blatantly refused my payments.

I expected the judicial system to find the apartment manager responsible and therefore I could pay what I truly owe, minus the excessive late fees, and allow my daughter and I to stay in our apartment until we find somewhere else to live. I was in the process of doing so due to some other issues I was experiencing at Casa Anita Apartments and because my family was expanding and we needed larger accomodations.

Unfortunately that was not the case.

  • Jan 18, 2019

When Melanie D’Avanzo took over at Coventry Court in Tustin, CA, in 2013, the buildings we live went to hell, and so did 7 of my washer’s and 8 dryer’s and 5 tub spigots, 2 dishwashers, 2 garbage disposals; Esperanza, the then maintenance manager, kept fixing things and they would break again. I counted that she fixed everything I mentioned at least five different times.

The maid for the building, Anna, used the office key and on 7/26/18, broke into my apartment and stole money, my checkbook, the checkbook register, my atm card. I told Melanie and she said "it never happened." Well, she must’ve approved this theft. Then five more consecutive thefts happened from July to October 2017, until I changed the lock on my front door.

Then on 7/30/18, Melanie and Frankie, her facilities person, came up to check my garbage disposal. When I was getting my makeup on, I noticed from the corner of my eye that Melanie was taking things outside and I thought that odd, because she never brought anything into my house. When she left, I noticed that several things were missing in my house and I confronted her and she just looked at me.

I notified Eileen Nelson, her supervisor and Robert Faith her CEO and nothing was done and there was no investigation of any of the thefts. I even filed three police reports and the police did nothing, as usual. Melanie refused to fix my last failing dryer the one she snuck into my house, which is against the civil code of warranty and habitability and entering a dwelling without a 24-hour notice; and since I needed a dryer, I had to buy one, which I really couldn’t afford to do, nor was it my responsibility!!!

She told me to store Coventry’s dryer/my old dryer in my garage and I found out after I bought a new dryer that her request was against the law. I had to pay $20 out of pocket to the delivery company and when I asked her three times to reimburse me she said no way. Then there is the matter around September 23, 2018, where she came to my apartment without my permission and changed out the last dryer, which was not mine, mine had blue marks on top and this one had no blue marks and I told everyone in the company and nobody did anything.

So they are all co-conspirators and enabler’s to this wretched piece of garbage, Melanie D’Avanzo who is devoid of any morals! Since she wouldn’t recertify me, which means I would’ve lost my apartment, I had to spend $14.40 at FedEx to send her my certification documents, which took me 7 hours of my time to complete.

Eileen Nelson, her supervisor at Graystar, was in my apartment on October 2, 2018, and wouldn’t leave when I requested her to do so, which is against the law. I had to call the police. Eileen said it was her apartment and she didn’t have to leave and she could do whatever she wanted to, because it was hers.

Legally, she was incorrect, because when the landlord rents you an apartment, it gives you all the legal rights to possession and you can ask whomever you like to leave and they have to go. Just to let you know, Melanie doesn’t like giving exiting tenants their deposits back. Then there’s a matter of Cinthia Guzman, who proclaims to be a Christian, but really acts more like the devil!!!

She is one evil lady!!! What a control freak!! Then finally, there is Robert Faith, the CEO of Greystar, who is the co-conspirator and enabler of these horrible women that work for him as mentioned above!

  • Aug 19, 2016

We won our second court case with Greystar/Bay St Apartments (small claims case no. RS16810307) for damage to furniture and evacuation costs due to continued water intrusion that led to mold growth throughout our apartment. Even with the judge's ruling they never sent us the payment and we were forced to chase them and make many attempts to try to collect the judgment. Finally Greystar sent us a check to settle the case, this check was returned 10 days later for Refer To Maker and our account was deducted the amount and charged accordingly for a returned check.

We notified Greystar again alerting them that they had violated California Civil Code section 1719 and asked them to include the fees our bank charged for the returned check, the fees to mail the demand letter and that the payment needed to be in certified check or money order or we would continue with criminal prosecution. As Greystars standards goes there was no response and after 2 weeks we had to send them another letter this time certified and again no response. Today, 3 months (!) after the court's ruling we received a new check written on the same account that was originally returned. This place might look like a good place to rent until you run into problems.

Not only will Greystar not fix your issues and problems in your apartment they will look to actively blame you for the issue, harass and bully you until you get so tired you want to give in. They bank on the fact that most tenants don't know their rights or have the time to go after them. When they are held accountable by the court they will look for ways to not pay their debt, come up with ludicrous excuses stating they never received the judgment or pay the debt then stop payment on the check after you deposit it. They do not follow the law, have a staff of lawyers whose job is to harass and bully you and you should stay far far far away from them. Remember we vote in this world with our money and if we continue to give these kind of corporations our money they will continue to do this to people. If you consider yourself a reasonable person look elsewhere.

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