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Got Vape

Country United States
State California
City Lake Forest
Address 24331 Muirlands Blvd. Suite# 313.
Phone 951 279-2507

Got Vape Reviews

  • Jan 1, 2018

I purchased a new starter kit for an E-cigarette from the company Everything went fine at first, i got a coupon code that took $11 off the price, so i was really excited! THEN... after the purchase had already went through to my bank account.... The site took me to a page that said a manual age verification was needed, because it couldn't be done electronically, and that they could not ship my item until they could manually verify my age, and i needed to either call a number to email customer service to do it. so i call... and i call..... and i call.... all day i call. Yes, it was noon on a sunday, but if you are an online business that is having issues like THAT, dont you think you might want to keep at least ONE PERSON on the line for people to call, so you dont lose a lot of business? I couldn't believe that they would think it was ok to take my money and not ship out my item! now, if someone had answered my call, or at least returned my voicemail that day seeing as it was SUCH A SERIOUS ISSUE! All of this had me horrified that it was some sort of a scam so i immediately called my bank and canceled my transaction. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY. not only have they done this to me, i have read several accounts of people not getting their items, being over charged for things, or having their money taken like i did and not have their item shipped out for months. I was just lucky enough to notice right away and got to my bank before the transaction could complete. Otherwise i would be in the same boat as they were

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