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Goodwill Store & Donation Center

Country United States
State Illinois
City Frankfort
Address 19917 South La Grange Road
Phone 1 815-464-4207

Goodwill Store & Donation Center Reviews

  • Nov 19, 2019

Its not just about race let me say that. Its about listening to your employees complaints and fully investigate. I know a lot of bullsh*t fraud and other type of sh*t going on in that place. I let hr and other top people know provided proof.

Hell mfs quitting what more do you need and have the same complaints on Lauren and (((REDACTED PER TOS))) Dani. I guess we all making it up. Im very happy at my new job. I get treated with respect and they acknowledge to me everyday they dont know why Goodwill let a good worker like me get away. They f*cking lost.

Renee was a dam good worker to and the racist bastards got rid of her. Jada got tired working like a slave and kissing they a*s and quit when she tried to come back just bec she dint give a 2 week noticed they dint let her come back. Thats what she gets bec she was f*cking happy when they fired me and was with the (((REDACTED PER TOS))) b*tch short katerine picking with me.

To many f*cking coons. The african america dsa back there dont know how racist the mfs are pr how they made fun of us and treated up. When they made me come to work the next day after surgery eyes bleeding stiches and pain. That it got effected.

They made big fun of me laughing cracking jokes when in fact i should have been placed on leave. I told Celina adavis the horror these ppl put me through she dint do a mf thing. I felled on a hanger at the job hurt my back did i get off forbworkers comp. Hit my eye two times on a pole had a black eye. Did i ask for workers comp.

See how far my loyalty went with these un greatful mother f*ckers. But hey they getting paid back slowly big time.

Any African American or Mexican that go to work at goodwill in frankfory il. Dont fall for (((REDACTED PER TOS))) Daniel pretending to be nice or (((REDACTED PER TOS))) short katherine they are racist and not nice at all.

I to thought they was the nicest people I have ever meet. Told me dam near daily that I was a very hard worker perfect attendance reliable worker begged me not to quit then fired me for giving a person my grand child skates.

Daniel always talking about polucy this but broke the policy by letting ppl steal helping ppl steal helping ppl change prices allowing ppl to change prices for family members. Handle family members products straight from the back i can go on and on what this (((REDACTED PER TOS))) did but hey she still there and so is the rest of the crooks

The good workers getting the f*ck out of that corput place. I contact Vince and other ppl in upper manager do you think they call text or back f*ck no. Do they show any appreciation for me out of all the workers working there reporting the sh*t no.

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