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Good Feet

Country United States
State California
City Carlsbad
Address 2270 Cosmos Ct
Phone 1-800-509-4535

Good Feet Reviews

  • Nov 14, 2016

I had great hopes when I went to thier store, I had been wearing a over the ankle orthipedic and was it causing pain. After standing on the ink pad I thought how is this any differant the the machine in many deptment stores. I know i have one foot different than the other. When he brought out the inserts and started his speal I asked for a different number for my left foot and was told there only sold in matching pairs. I new then I was being scammed. Go to the machine is a hell of a lot cheaper and appers to be the same thing

  • Oct 6, 2016


I have to agree with the other reviews of the good feet store. Nope they do not provide a refund only store credit. Plus restocking fee if you bring them back. They tried to sell me the $1200 system which I thought was ridiculous for six pieces of plastic. I wish I had found the reviews for this company before I purchased the lower end system. They have not help me at all. In fact I now have knee pain when I didn't have it to start with. They call and check up on you to see how you were doing but when you tell them that things are getting worse they say you're either not using the system properly or that you need to come in to have Your arch supports changed. Don't waste your time or your money.

  • Jul 30, 2016

Beware.....You cannot get any type of refund from this company. I saw the Good Feet commercial less than a month ago and I hobbled into the store hoping I could get some relief. The gentleman who helped me was charming and told me he had the same exact foot condition that I did. He said he could guarantee I would get better with the Good Feet orthotics. I was shocked at the price ($800) but I felt so humiliated somehow if I didn't buy the package since he spent so much time with me. I ultimately had to pay from 2 different credit cards just to be able to afford them.

I didn't have my reading glasses with me so he told me where to sign although he did NOT mention there were no refunds I was apparently signing without understanding this part. Again, I was so humiliated. I am getting older and I don't see very well and I was embarrassed that I couldn't read the receipt. After wearing the orthotics for a day and a half, I realized what a bad decision I made. I had tearing, ripping feeling in my right arch. I was in terrible pain. I found an orthopedic surgeon who confirmed I have chronic plantar fasciitis. He wrote me a letter, which I provided to the store manager today, outlining that the product is not suitable for my condition. No Refunds.....they offered store credit only -- do you know how long it would take to spend $800 in store credit?

Buyer Beware - please be careful.

  • Jun 20, 2016

I stood outside this Tulsa store and talked to 14 different people, all who came in numerous times for size adjustments. Out of the 14, 2 said that they think they feel better. The rest were frustrated and felt scammed into buying something that doesnt seem to be working after several adjustments in size. Why cant they get it right the first time? You wear these supports in the store and they actually seem to be working. You are given a wear schedule and by the end of the day, you dont know if you just need to suck up the different kind of pain or go back in yet again foran adjustment. The staff are very manipulative and salesy and prey on people's pain. What they charge for the 3 step system is 1200.00. You're better off trying anything but this. I am all for giving something a chance and the benifit of the doubt, but after my 4th adjustment in the first month, all I have is bruising in my arch and broken blood vessels. Goodfeet really means Badfeet

  • Mar 15, 2016

I went to this office after experiencing foot pain - they convinced me that they make "custom" insoles that would alleviate the situation. They had me stand on a device that took an imprint of my feet with little boxes - it all seemed convincing. I waited some 10 minutes (despite the fact there were no other customers) - apparently this was a scam so I would think they were really being custom made - I later learned that their back office is full of boxes of packaged products (there is no "custom"). Within 2 days, the situation with my feet got worse after using their product - I tried to get a refund, but they claimed I hadn't given it a chance.

I returned again shortly thereafter-this time I was given a different type of insole. (I later learned this was less expensive than what I had originaly bought - but provided no monetary adjustment). I went to a foreign country shortly thereafter - where I wound up in the hospital - I was unable to walk for 3 days. The insole they provided made my situation worse! Upon return to the US, after returning their product, I asked for a refund of the ridiculous $427 I was charged - they refused. Instead they offered a merchandise credit for other products which I refused (they sell shoes) - they offered the credit, only after being pressed.

I explained I didn't need another pair of shoes - especially at $119! They kept what I paid $427 for and I walked out with nothing to show for it. They refuse to accomodate in any other way. As it turns out, the situation with my feet was completely misdiagnosed by the Good Feet individual - who turned out to be the Manager. I didn't need an insole - it was a heel support I needed, which I found at Walmart for less than $5 and have been using successfully ever since. Using a device that further raised my arch (which is what they sold me) only further exacerbated my problem, which wound me up in the hiospital. The $5 heel support from Walmart has now successfully been used for well over a year.

However, Good Feet refuses to take any action to acciomodate me - and refuses to return calls. I would say their busienss practice is a fraud and would warn anyone contemplating a purchase not to go there. Also - beware - their receipt has in print at the bottom - "in store credit - no cash refunds - 12% service fee on all returns/in store". It seems they have a hunch you will be coming back - just check out how many complaint they have! This place needs to be shut down permanently - they portray themselves as experts and sell a bogus product with extreme markup and lousy customer service with untrained staff that portray themselves as foot experts. I am pursuing a formal complaint with the AG office and seeking damages under fraud statutes.

  • Nov 26, 2015

Went to this store here in Omaha on11/19/15 for free foot test. Sales girl after test ran to baqck room and said I needed to buy a $139.00 pair of shoes plus tax of course. I said not.She then returned fromm abckroom with two sets of small plasrtic inserts they stock I guess for all.She said this is what In needed and gave mw to set of pads for the covers of the arch support..I was never told or quoted any prices. just wrote up and not have my glass case I did sign. When later I looked the bill of of which was all numbers it was a total of $770.19 for two small sets or arch supports and all sia no rerturns or refunds !-The sales girl was a fast talker and told ne little or ever gave me a total amount due .--This was a total scam of and older person for sure. I have filed a BBB report and also blocked the charge.. A shame this company is not honest or explain the charges. I also do not think the sales girl had did not much kniowledge of a persons foot problesm as problem is still present and do think I was fir wrong but cannot go back as know will be charged more. My advise is to have all explained or go other shops for foot problems.

  • Aug 4, 2015

BUYER BEWARE If the products sold by the Good Feet Store don"t help with your pain, you are stuck with them. They do not give refunds, so look it over carefully. I was experiencing foot pain, so someone recomended the Good Feet Store, probably because of the TV commercials. I purchased their three step system, and followed their dirrections, only to find my feet hurt more, and after four days, it was impossible to walk. I had to rest foe a whold day with my feet up.

The Good Feet Store takes advantage of people in pain. I would have paid anything to eliminate my foot pain, so I purchased their puoduct. What a waste of time and money. Someone should start a class action law suit against the Good Feet Store.

Please do not go there under any conditions, you will get be riped off.

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