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Country United States
State Texas
City Houston

GeoPark Reviews

  • Oct 7, 2019

AYLWIN, Legal Director AUGUSTO ZUBILLAGA, Chief Operating Officer MARTÍN TERRADO, Director of Operations ALBERTO MATAMOROS, Director for Argentina and Chile MARCELA VACA, Director for Colombia BARBARA BRUCE, Director for Peru LIVIA VALVERDE, Director for Brazil CARLOS MURUT, Director of Development SALVADOR MINNITI, Director of Exploration HORACIO FONTANA, Director of Drilling AGUSTINA WISKY, Director of Capabilities and Culture GUILLERMO PORTNOI, New Business STACY STEIMEL, Shareholder Value Director ADRIANA LA ROTTA, Director of Connections NORMA YOLANDA SÁNCHEZ, Social & Environmental Manager CARLOS GÓMEZ, Safety Manager SABRINA GARCÍA, Information Management Manager VERONICA HAYDEN, Corporate People Manager James F. Park Embezzled money from me and defrauded me of my oil and gas assets

I have been a very close friend and business associate of Jim Park for most of their life. Jim has a way to convince one that he is trustworthy and your friend but he has a very evil side that enjoys it when he can scam you in business and destroy your personal life. Time and time again Jim has done this to me and I have watched him over the years do it to others in both business and personal life.

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