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Garage Memories

Country United States
State Florida
City Pompano Beach
Address 2729 N.W 29th ST.
Phone 1-954-873-6495

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  • Nov 7, 2016

This is to report yet another scam car sale by repeat offender, mr marvin friedman. Marvin or "marv" as he calls himself is the owner or is associated with twentyfirstcenturyauctions " and "garage memories, llc" he opperates out of florida with his son shaun friedman.

A word of warning about this man marvin. He is a shocker and should not be trusted. He does not speak the truth, he over sells his cars and will not put right defects.

I am new to the but was horrified to see that marvin has had complaints about him dating back many years. What is most disturbing is that despite multiple complaints about him to e-bay that he continues to be sell cars on e-bay and has a dealers lisence.

This is my story and i will only give the short version. Please note that i reside in new zealand.

On the 11th of november 2012, i decided to bid on a 1957 ford fairlane 500, sunliner that was listed on e-bay. Listing item 170934 and number 968053. I contacted the seller, twentyfirstcenturyauctions, marvin. We spoke several times over a couple of days about the condition of the car.

The car was owned by "jack miller" and was part of the "millers mustang barn collection in west palm beach, jupitor florida"

The car was advertised as a frame up restoration, 41,000 miles, d code, raven black, black and whites seats. Marvin really convinced me that the car was perfect, that jack miller was a perfectionist and would not ever purchase or sell a car that was not 100%. He stated that all jacks cars were started every month and that they were driven 13 miles every second month to stop the deterioating mechnacilly etc. I was even able to view the car on utube in the collection etc etc.

Marvin was very convincing and stated that he was 73 years old, had been the largest ferrari dealer in the usa and was now retired and selling classic cars as a hobby. He asked me to check his 100% perfect record of feedback on e-bay having sold 885 cars. All very compelling.

After talking to jack millers private banker i was convinced that i was dealing with reputable people, so the transaction was done, car picked up and delivered to long beach ca for delivery to new zealand.

When i got the car back to new zealand and took delivery of the car in february 2013, i was so shocked and dissapointed at the condition of it. I had paid usd $59,500 for the car which was top money at the time.

The car was not drivable, the fuel pump was faulty, the brake fluid was in crystals, the diff was leaking so much oil, the automatic transmission was shot, the motor was a 292 2 bbl, the car was dented, the front suspension had been jacked up with bolts! the power steering had been fitted poorly and had the wrong mounting bracket, the wipers were broken, the list goes on mechnacially.

The worst feature was to come, that is appart from the rust, that the car had a white paint undercoat showing in the boot! very visiable and not something that i was expecting to find in a genuine 41,000 mile car that was factory black!

To cut a long story short, i soon realised that the car was not genuine, it was a 1957 ford victoria cut down and made into a sunliner. The vin number at the front of the chasis had been cut out and welded in and the data plate changed.

So four years later, $100,000 nzd pured into the car we are just about ready to roll. Durring the past four years i have complained to almost every law enforcement body imaginable including e-bay.

When i received the car and under nz law, if your goods are faulty, you have 7 days to lodge a complaint. I made complaints to marvin friedman and jack miller.

Marvin got really angry with me and stated that "its a great car" and "that you are having buyers regrets". Jack miller didnt want to know and stated " that if marvin has talked the car up then thats his issue, not mine - sue me"

I have contacted e-bay and to be frank they are bloody useless, i have contacted the florida state highway patrol and the fbi. I ended up doing all of the investigation work myself into the ownership history of the car as marvin stated that he knew who had restored the car, " he was an older car restorer whom is now retired, it took him three years to complete the rebuild in his garage" i asked marvin about what work had been done on the engine and he was able to reply in detail, "its been overhauled with rings and bearings" i have often wondered who actully restored the car?

So the ownership history was intresting. Jack miller purchased the car on the 5th of april, 2010, 41,228 miles, paid $49,500 at " mike flynn jnrs, hollywood wheels auctions" i contacted mike flynn many times about the ownership history of the car and he always had excuses why he could not find the sales and purchase records. At that time i was not aware that his father, "mike flynn snr" "flynn classic inc" had owned the car from the 28th of december 2007 to when he sold it to the "garage" on the 1st of may 2008. The milage was recorded as being 41,223 miles at that time.

So "the garage inc" then onsold the car to "brickle motors" also on the 1st of may 2008. "brickle motors" then sold the car back to "the garage inc" on the 1st of may 2010 which a milage recorded as 41,228. This is when "mike flynn of hollywood whhels auctions" sold his fathers old car to jack miller!!!!!

So i have called the "garage" and low and behold they remembered the car! they asked me not to discuss this with "brickle motors" as they would not know anything as they only went to auction with them. I found this very strange?

I have also been threatned by shawn friedman, principal of garage memories, llc and twentyfirstcenturyauctions.

So if you check the milage - there can be no way that jack miller drove his cars 13 miles every second month!! more lies from marvin.

I was shocked to recently read that marvin has a litany of complaints about him on online auto forums such as the cadillac & lasalle club discussion forum, as well as consumer sites . I have also found online reports that marvin friedman was sentenced to six years in federal prison in 1995 for laundering drug money on a ferrari sale, and at that time agreed to plead guilty to defrauding three banks out of nearly $1.3 million! I reported this to e-bay but i still see his same old bullshit adds on e-bay. I just wonder how many other cases such as mine are out there. Even despite my complaints to jack about marvin, jack allowd marvin to sell his mustang collection, that speaks volumes about that man as well - i wonder how many of that collection were built by the "same restorer" as mine was?

  • Jul 1, 2020

Professional Scam Artist

Marvin is a true scam artist. I served time with him in 1996 in a Federal Prison on unrelated charges. He was always trying to sell me (or anyone that would listen) a car, or a business idea. He even taught classes in the system on sales. And he always talked about how he refused the sale on this one Ferrari to a Japanese businessman when he used to (supposedly) own one of the largest Ferrari dealerships in the world. Needless to say, he's not to be trusted, although he's a nice guy and very personable. That's the tragedy of it all: that he's incredibly gifted in gaining people's trust and could do so many positive things with that gift, but chose to go a different route, still scamming people 25 years later and now teaching his son to do the same. Unbelievable.

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