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FundCorp, Inc.

Country United States
State Illinois
City Chicago
Address 180 Stetson St, 35th Flr
Phone 817.735.4777

FundCorp, Inc. Reviews

  • Oct 31, 2017

Fundcorp, LLC operated by Stan Edwards professed to provide capabilities to secure funding for a real estate transaction that required a bridge loan. Monies paid to Stan Edwards/Fundcorp was $4550 for an appraisal and $1250 for fees. Monies were wired and the game was on. Time passed, several weeks go by with no appraisal. Calls to Stan and reply was appraisal is in the works.

Feeling uncomfortable regarding Stan's replies, start researching. Fundcorp LLC register through a LLC mill that produces company docs to purchase. Fundcorp's office in the prestgious 180 Stetson address is no more tha a phone number being answered by an answering service. Pointed questions directed at Stan Edwards answered with nebulous replies.

Severely doubting the creditability of the possibility of funding through Fundcorp, LLC, a request for fees to be returned were made. A wire transfer of $2000 was returned.

In hindsight I sincerely believe Stan Edwards is an alias. I totally believe Stan was running a scam. take the fees and run. I believe Stan returned a token payment to appease and keep the threat of court collection proceeds from taking initiative.

As of today, I see the website is no longer accessible or the office phone 888-378-3088 connected. Stan is on the run. Beware of schysters like Stan who resurface utilizing a new alias. Research before sending your money. A slick website can hide the most scandalous thief.

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