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Frontier Airlines

Country United States
State Colorado
City Denver
Address 4545 Airport Way
Phone 801-401-9000

Frontier Airlines Reviews

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  • Sep 4, 2015

We were ripped off by Frontier Airlines. On Tuesday September 1st we used their web site to purchase round trip tickets for a trip in September. We navigated the web site and selected the flights then and we paid and got the confirmation number and all the details. That was when we found out that the return flight was in December when we had selected a September date. We immediately tried to fix it but their web site did not allow us any access to change anything. So we called their customer service. At first the agent told us we would forfeit all the fare. Then she told us we would lose the outbound fare. Finally she told us we could get a credit against a future flight. I told the agent we had to get our correct ticket for the same price.

When we went back to the web site they tried to charge us much more than they originally agreed to. I went back to customer service demanding that they charge us the same price for what we originally wanted. After talking to three different agents we eventually talked to the manager. It took us three and half hours to get to talk to the manager and she said no, she won’t do anything to help. Within one minute they stole our money and wasted our time.

Some investigation showed how this scam works. In September and December, the dates and days are the same. When looking for the return date, the 12th is Saturday in both September and December. When booking travel on other airlines, the return calendar shown starts with the outbound flight, most trips being a few days or a week or two, not three months . This site not only puts up a December calendar but even if you spot it and select September it will revert to December if the page gets refreshed.

Can someone help us with what to do. This company looks in the beginning like a low fare airline but they charge for baggage, carryon, seat selection etc. etc. In the end it costs much more than other airlines.

Be careful when using the Frontier Airlines web site.

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  • Aug 4, 2019

After booking, I went to the website to pay for seats, bags, etc. Was unable to complete form because I could not fill in contact info. Had to call customer service and wait on hold. When connected, rep informed me that, since I had booked thru a third party carrier, I had to call them to get access to that part of the form. Rep was very nasty. When I was thru paying for everything, I had paid 75% over the cost of airfare.

Flight going out was only slightly late. However, they were 2 hours late taking off on return. This was NOT weather-related. They were waiting for luggage from another flight and three bags of ice. Then they had a navigation problem. We waited on the plane all that time.

After landing, it took one hour to get our baggage. They had 8 flights listed for one baggage carousel.

Do NOT fly Frontier.

  • Dec 1, 2018

Frontier airlines up sells services on flight reservations they know are 'missed flights.’The website enables seat selection and also offers hotel reservations to be made at a discount on flights you will not make any time soon. My new arrival date is 2 days 2 overnights later.I made my upgrades in route to the airport. They issued a "no show” on the ticket. If they are closing the flight the website should not allow additional charges. Also,I would suggest they make false claims on their voice messaging. They say you can change your flight on the website for free but you cannot on a missed flight. Only customer service can do this for $25.00. They will then be so kind as to offer you another change fee $99.00 additional charge fee. Arrival destination whenever 2 days later. Ok so let’s add this up for this low cost carrier $209 one way ticket plus 77.00 seat and one bag.129.00 per night hotel charge x2 . $ 25.00 poor customer service fee. One way ticket $ 569. 00 one plus a lot of hassle. What a racket! Delta courtesy change fee 0 . 15 minute change at the counter. Next available same day flight.

  • Mar 8, 2018

Flew to phohnix az on a airline and charged $25 dollar bag fee. On return trip I flew on frontier airlines and was charged $45 dollars for one check in bag and $90 dollars for two small carry on bags. Its bad policy for a airline to have low air fares and stick it to you with outrages and excessive bag fees. My flights was 03-04 with return 03-08-20018, Ill never fly frontier airlines again. Plus you have to pay for all beverages that other airlines compliment you.

  • Nov 7, 2017


  • Jun 26, 2017

was in line 45 before flight. 9 other people ahead of me, they All were checked in promptly. I got up to counter and was told that I missed my flight. when I'm fact it was not leaving for another 35 minutes. I had nothing to check in. and explained that I was there on time and needed to get home, because of disabled son ( no one to care for him). fronteir staff was indifferent to my situation. was like speaking to a STONE WALL. my son in law came in after dropping me off and spoke to "super" denise and she had told him the flight had left...when I'm fact it was only 6am. flight was to leave at 635am. Something fishy is going on. I suspect they may be leaving earlier than scheduled and/or allowing standby on before actual booked customers. I'm any event something stanky in denmark!!! A different rep at the counter have me a number to call, and could not get a flight home the same day. Originally, was booked for Sunday and the only flight they had was for Tuesday!!! I continually pointed out that I had to catch a flight today (sunday). Was informed that they don't have flights everyday, had to book for Tuesday. This is ridiculous. Poor service is unacceptable, and poor business practice is intolerable. I have NEVER had this occur on any other airlines. they need to step up or step out of this line of work. they are the greyhound of airlines. horrible. NEVER EVER AGAIN WILL I USE THIS COMPANY, AND WILL ALWAYS WARD FOLKS AWAY T FROM THEM. THIS IS A RIP OFF ORGANIZATION.

  • Feb 2, 2017

I was flying from Ca. To Iowa. I paid to have my luggage checked. I had valuables in my luggage and was reassured it would meet me at my destination. It was not. It was lost! I called the airline to get a refund on my checked bag. They denied that much. I now want them to pay for the items I packed as well as my suit case! They've ignored my emails, and disconnect me when I call customer service. I'm in Iowa for three months without the proper clothing! Now I'm inconvenienced in having to buy clothes, toiletries and leisure items and replace expensive(irreplaceable items from my mom and fiancée) that I would already have if I had my bags

  • Jan 2, 2017

I scheduled a round trip from Philadelpha, Pa to Denver, Co. After I arrived at the airpot gate, I saw that the flight had been cancelled. Talking to personnel behine the Fronteir desk offered another flight on Saturday, this was Tuesday,. even the flight attendents were unaware of the flight cancellation until they arrived at the gate. I contacted Frontier several times. They offered me a $100.00 voucher usable within 6 months only. Subsequent emails did nothing to change this. They cancelled the flight so I feel I should recive a full refund. Not a partial voucher.

  • Oct 27, 2016

We flew into Dallas at 11 PM two weeks ago and Frontier Airlines had lost our car seats. They had a few spare ones, but didn't have anything small enough for my 2 year old so we were stuck at the airport. The entire time the lady was trying to get us to use a booster seat for a 2 year old, and couldn't quite understand why I was mad (I was really mad.)

Their only solution was for me to leave my wife (4 months pregnant) and 3 kids at the airport alone at 1 in morning to buy a car seat. Which I reluctantly did because they provided no other solution.

We were told a manager would call us the next day to make things right and that we would be reimbursed for the car seat. Its now been two weeks and we haven't gotten a call. I've called and left a messages at the DFW office everyday, spoken to the national office multiple times, and emailed the receipt for the car seat multiple times; we still haven't heard from anyone at the airline.

  • Aug 20, 2016

For the past month internet users in Schofield, Weston, and Rothschild, Wisconsin are being ripped off by Frontier.

There is no internet service/email available until at least 12:00 PM on any given day. The service lasts for only 6 to 8 hours and then is not available until noon the next day. With this service we are being billed for 24/7 coverage and not receiving it.

When talking with a Frontier Technician and Engineer, I was told that the slow service is all that is available in the area and there is no timeline for upgrading for a faster, more reliable service. The frustration comes when in the mail this week, everyone received a notice that Frontier is not offering high-speed internet for new users in the area for $19.99. How can they offer this when I was told it is not available. The company is ripping off the general public and know it since the only alternative is Charter and not everyone wants to go with them.

Some organization needs to make Frontier responsible for their deceptive marketing and billing practices.

  • Jul 27, 2016

On September 15, 2016 I took a One-way flight from Missoula, Montana to Denver, Colorado. My first flight in nearly 30 years. I checked a bag and some of my items were also in my boyfriend's bag. Upon arrival at nearly 11:40 p.m. We got our luggage and went back to his apartment. I began unpacking and realized that 3 pieces of jewelry were missing out of my luggage. I immediately tried calling their luggage claims department and got a recording that they were not open.

At 8:00 a.m. they opened and I got a recording that asked me to leave a detailed message and someone would call me back. On September 16, 2016 I received a call back and a woman took a report and said that they did not cover jewelry. According to their website it said they would not be liable for lost or damaged jewelry. Little did I know that hidden in another part of the wesite, unrelated to baggage policies, on page 15 of their "Terms and Conditions" it states that they did not cover any jewelry.

Note* I do not believe that this information was actually even on their website when I purchased my ticket. It is my belief that it has been added and further their website has changed with the pertinent information being in the baggage policy page now.

I went for several weeks not hearing anything and then in mid October I received a phone call from their Pilferage department. They told me that they had gotten a message that I needed to file a claim. I explained that they had already taken one. The woman tried to find it in their system and there was nothing. She took another one and I had her send me a copy of it via email. She said someone would get back to me. Several weeks later in November I wrote and asked what was going on with the investigation and they told me that it was being sent up to Security. Then I got complete silence.

For months I would send emails that went unanswered and the phone calls I made just told me to wait a few more weeks. Finally in March I called and asked what the situation was and with no one getting back to me yet again, I called their Corporate headquarters and asked them to help at the end of April. The woman I spoke with could not find either of the claim numbers I gave her. She then began to put me on hold and kept coming back stating that she was trying to get other departments involved to find them. After more than 20 minutes of this going back an fourth, I was then disconnected.

Then, I wrote to the Denver Baggage service on April 22, 2016 giving them ten days to get back to me. They of course did not so, I found the CEO's email address online.

I wrote to Barry Biffle and let him know of all of the trouble I had gone through just trying to get my claim dealt with and asked him to step in and fix the problem or I would be filing a Small Claims action. He had a woman named Patty Dryer call me back and in the conversation she stated that she did not have a problem finding the claims in their system and didn't know how anyone else could have. She explained that since they do not cover jewelry, the claims were closed. She stated that they had sent me a $75.00 voucher but it had expired. I laughed and said, I never received any voucher and that for nearly $5,000 worth of jewelry being stolen, I would never accept a voucher let alone one that had an expiration date.

She stated that their baggage policies stated that they did not cover jewelry. I stated that it said that they didn't cover it if it was damaged or lost. Mine was taken out of my bag. She said Frontier's position is a "loss is a loss". I explained to her that a loss means lost luggage according to their posted policies on their website and that I had printed it out. She kept with the 'A loss is a loss" mantra. I then asked why no one did any investigation. She said they didn't do one because they don't cover the items that were taken. I was disgusted. I told her that they had a fiduciary duty to me since they charged me for my luggage. She stated that they didn't.

When I was compeltely at wits end with her, I asked her where they would like for me to serve my Small Claims lawsuit on them. She said that she would have to check and see. She called me back and told me to serve it upon their legal Department at their 7001 Tower Rd. in Denver. Low and behold that was also a lie. Their own legal department was lying about where to serve the paperwork as they have a Registered Agent for service. I ended up finding this information out on my own. Once they gave me the incorrect information, I felt it necessary to write to Barry Biffle again and let him know about the lies that were continuing to be expressed by his personnel.

I received an email in response, the day before I filed my Small Claims case against Frontier asking me for my telephone number. I never received a call.

In May 2016, a week after their Registered agent was served by the Sheriff's Department, I received contact from Frontier Airlines' Chicago counsel and at the end of that conversation, she stated that she felt confident that they would be settling with me before July 14, 2016 (the court date). I sent her all of my information and waited. I was happy to know that I would not have to go to court.

I did not hear anything from her through June so, I contacted her again. She stated she had been out of the office most of the month before, but still wanted to get it settled and that it would be in everyone's best interest. All the way up until the day of court, I never received anything other than they would be settling. Then as I was waiting in the courtroom nearly 10 minutes after court was supposed to start, I was informed by the court clerk that they were filing their answer and there were people to testify. Their "In-house" counsel rushed in and let me know that they would not be settling with me and they didn't feel that they were responsible. They refused to even give me the evidence that they put into the court until half way through the hearing. Because of their information and the fact that I had not been given a chance to do any investigation of my own to rebutt their information or even read through it as it was more than 30 pages worth, the court found in their favor as a matter of law. Patty Dryer, the woman whom had called me after my first email to Mr. Biffle, lied to the judge and said that she never told me that my claim was closed and that their policy is that they leave claims open, because "It is our hope that we can find the items and return them to their owners". That is the most ridiculous statement since they didn't do any investigation in my case. I was told that they didn't because they are not responsible. That actually sounds like a more realistic statement, don't you think?

The judge did say that she fully believed that my jewelry was in my luggage and that it was stolen while in their control and custody She also made the comment that she felt that the way I had been treated was absolutely horriffic. She even TOLD me to Appeal her ruling.

As I don't have $10,000.00 to appeal by day after tomorrow nor would I spend that to get $6,500.00 for my jewelry, I decided to let you all know so that people can know that Frontier Airlines and their employees are nothing but liars and theives. By the way, I offered to settle with them for less than that $6,500.00.

I went to Frontier's Website yesterday and noticed that all of the information that was hidden before, is now front and center. My comment is this, If they felt that they had been compeltely above board in my case, then they would not have changed their Website to fix the issues that I brought up with it and their position.

I that hope, if nothing else, I can get people to learn from my case and not to trust or give their money to a company that obviously does nothing to protect their customers. Because, in today's day and age, if they got my boxes out of my luggage, imagine what this person(s) could get into luggage if they wanted to cause harm to others.

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