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Friendly Ford

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 660 N Decatur Blvd
Phone 800-928-7190

Friendly Ford Reviews

  • Nov 19, 2016

Last Night I was Watching Thursday night Football since it was on for the first time on NBC in many years, and every time there was a Commerical Freindly Ford would advertise a black friday sale, for a brand new Ford Forcus, for $10,900 the Commerical came on over 100 times, and the Ford Fusion for $1,000 more,

i was in the market for a new car, and i have rented the Ford Forcus when i was in Cleveland Ohio, and Miami Fl, and i so what liked the car, so it had my interest. First thing in the morning i called, i asked the seller named Ryan, several Questions about the car, since there has been alot of conning in Las Vegas,

He said, the Car comes with air, Automatic Trans, no miles or a few test miles if any, a Navaigation system, a back cam, a sun roof, and it was a hatchback, and he said it came in every color, he asked me what color do you what, i said Black,

i made a appt, he gave me a Appt, with someone named Scott Speakmen, i went in dressed, to show them i meant Bussiness, and have $12,000 in my coat pocket, for taxes and what ever, if there would be other charges i would have put it on my credit card, so i walked in, and this Scott Speakmen Person, was a Joke, he looked just like Larry the Cable Guy, but about 50lbs fatter, i said your Mr Speedman, i dropped the Mr right away, he said he could not help me, and gave me a old man, who looks just like Duck Dyansty, smelled awful, he told me dont worry i did this for 25 years, he also didnt take a shower in 25 years either, i thought to myself what the hell is this, i cant stand next to this guy is he Homeless?

he took me to the car, and i laughed, it was a 2015 stick shift, with 45,000 miles, in the add and on the phone it said the car was a brand new 2016, in the lot i seen many people arguing with these red necks, the next car had 50,000 miles, how can a car that is new have 50.000 miles on it, please do yourself a favor

do not buy anything from these people they are the lowest of the low, i have tevoed the Commerical and am taking it to my lawyer, but trust me dont go down there and trust me the area is so dangerous it looks like the Cartel Runs it,

with huge amounts of money this guys are huge scammers, Shame on freindly ford,

  • Aug 7, 2015

I told the dealer I did not want to pay $595.00 for LoJack on the new car ! They told me they come on all the cars misleading me that I did not pay for it It was not listed on the contract but I did indeed pay for it I repeat lye asked for it to be removed They would not ! Ripoff dealership ! Underhanded shifty Stay clear of this dealer

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