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Frenia's Plumbing and Mechanical, Inc

Country United States
State Tennessee
City Harriman
Address 107 Lewis Lane
Phone 865 209 5522

Frenia's Plumbing and Mechanical, Inc Reviews

  • Sep 21, 2022

We needed 50 ft of pipe put in and reservoir put in for our septic. We paid $2440 (1/2 up front) the owner stood on the porch and shook my husbands hand after demanding the remaining half of the money and promised to have it inspected and completed by Wednesday at the latest.

Our Ring doorbell recorded this conversation. They did the installation on 9/12 and it is now 9/21 and they have still not been back out to complete and back fill. I have heard every excuse imaginable and then some from them. After stringing us along all last week and saying that they were at the mercy of the state inspector only to find out that they didn't even contact the inspector until after I contacted her to find out what the delay was.

Then promising to have someone out Monday, 9/19 to finally complete the work. No show and no follow up call or apology. After my husband called her on Monday she had another excuse and promised to have someone out first thing this morning 9/21 to finally complete it. Another no show.

I called this morning and the receptionist/scheduler gave yet another litany of excuses while telling me that she was just getting ready to call me when I called her... All of her guys supposedly worked all night until 4 am and the one who was supposed to be here this morning was still asleep but she would try her best to have him do it today. Sorry, no. Too little too late.

I would definitely NOT recommend this shady company. Absolutely ridiculous as I am looking at my back yard/war zone and we will have to complete the job ourselves since Frenia's Plumbing & Mechanical is either too busy, too tired or too incompetent to finish what they started. Run, do not walk to any other Septic company.

Save yourself the unnecessary stress. On 9/22/2022, the owner, Tyler Frenia called my husband to complain about the negative (and very truthful) reviews we posted to google and yelp. He threatened to sue us for slander. He clearly doesn't realize that slander is a) verbal and b) only considered defamation if the information given isn't truthful.

What we posted isn't verbal but written and is all truthful and well documented. All phone calls were recorded and we have cameras with audio everywhere on our property so anything stated on our property was recorded and documented.

I am well within my rights under the Consumer Protection Act to relay my experiences as a consumer/client. This afternoon I noticed a slew of new 5 star reviews for this company all within a 4 hour period.

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