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Freedom Auto Finders

Country United States
State Idaho
City Twin Falls
Address 365 Blue Lakes Blvd N
Phone 208-734-3000

Freedom Auto Finders Reviews

  • May 20, 2017

I had two dealings with this company. I intially listed a trailer for sale with them, their initial fee to list the vehicle became triple by the time I signed the final papers, telling me that I needed their premiere advertising package and insisting that I pay to have the unit detailed before sale. The way they placed the ads the search engines did not find my unit without specific names and they included features that were not available on the unit, all of which I took issue with with them. They did nothing but remove the features that were not available while not including the features that were leading to very limited search parameters.

Their contract with me had actually expired when they called and said they had a buyer, but at a very low ball price and informed me that my unit had not had any appreciable amount of actitivy in the past and would not sell. I had had another dealer contact me about buying the unit who told me that the price was very reasonable and the unit would sell for that given time.

After much negotiation with them we came up with a final price. They kept saying they needed to make some money on th deal so their initial price for selling the vehicle of $500, which sounded great was actually a come on to get people in, in my opinion.

I was beginning to have serious doubts about dealing with them, but knew if I made another trade I would save a substantial amount in taxes so I proceeded to find another unit that fit my needs. While they were supposed to be searching for another unit on my behalf I found the unit, on my own, and contacted them with the details. They tried to mark up the unit more than the quote I had initially gotten from the oher dealer and were not happy when they got caught. They charged me to pickup and deliver the unit over and above the amount of profit we agreed on.

They kept telling me that their driver would thoroughly inspect the unit for any damage or problems and that they would take care of anything that was not right, as their driver was an expert in the field of motor homes.

In the final paperwork we signed it stated that "Vehicle Inspection. You are purchasing the Vehicle based upon your personal inspection, and are not relying upon any opinion, statement, promise or representation of the salesperson, or any other of our employees that is not contained in the written agreements you are signing today."

This buyers order was signed before the vehicle was not even in the state, so there was no way that it could be inspected prior to sale. When they were questioned about the language in their documents they would state that they did not mean what we questioned and that we should rely on their spoken words.

"Warranty Information

Warranty. We make no express or implied warranties. Except as required by law, we make no implied warranty of merchantability and no warranty that the Vehicle is fit for a particular purpose. We sell the Vehicle AS IS - NOT EXPRESSLY WARRANTED OR GUARANTEED, WITH ALL FAUTS...

After the unit arrived and we inspected it, when we pointed out things that had not been disclosed about the unit they simply shrugged their shoulders and walked away.

In conclusion, we were too trusting and would have actually been money ahead to have made the above deals on our own, without their help. Although they have been in business for years now be aware that they are marketing themselves as someting different than a car dealership when in fact that is all they are so be aware that you must be and informed consumer and deal with them as such.

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