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Freedom Ammunition

Country United States
State Ohio
City Fremont
Address 543 1/2 CR 214

Freedom Ammunition Reviews

  • Apr 11, 2017

First, when searching for ammunition on Wikiarms, a web search for ammunition deals, you have 3 categories: steel, brass and reloads. He lists his ammo under BRASS, not as reloads. so you think new ammo

Second, look at their web site. They state under the listings that the amunition comes in 50 round boxes. So again, new ammunition. well it does not come in boxes, it comes looose,

The listing state that the ammunition is Magtech (9mm) and Hornady (45 acp). I never opened the boxes so I can not verify that.

Third, The web site staes they have 3 warehouses - they do not. Like the previous camplaintant - he works out of his house.

Ammo shipped with in 2 to 3 business days from warehouse A. Well after 8 days the order still was not shipped so I cancelled the order. 2 days later he ships 1/3 of the order to the billing address without any notice, not to the address on the order. Even before he shipped it there I told him I was not there and not to deliver it. He still did.

After that he was told NOT to deliver any more ammuntion, that I wanted my money back. He stated he was not allowed to have ammunition returned ( that turned out to be a lie - see later note).

2 weeks later he shipped 1/3 of the original order to the correct destination - at least here I recieved a fedex notice of the package being shipped --- Again he was told ORDER CANCELLED.

6 weeks after that, I recieve a notice from Fedex that the rest of the shippment / order was being shipped to the address in MO. I called them and told Steffanie to cancell the order - the person was not there but now in Forida. The order was stopped by them and returned to sender.

I filed a complaint with the Ohio BBB and basically won, since he never responded to the charges, but was a waist of time as they have ZERO enforcement action.

I contacted the Ohio Attorney Generals Office - still waiting on that.

I contacted my CC company and placed a conditional credit on my account. He has until April 20 to respond to them. Once my CC company got involved and as the approaching deadline came close, I have heard back from him. He wants the case of 9mm sent back to him. He even is offering to pay shipping. Before he stated he could not take returns - cited some BS regulation that does not exist. --- Caught in a lie -----

He still does not acknowledge the cancelled order and only has requested the order sent to the wrong address to be returned. When asked what has changed from not being allowed to return and now wanting it back - --- He does not answer.

This person will lie and cheat you if you give him the opportunity. He does not carer who you are - point - I am a retired lawenforcement officer and he still is tryingh to pull this on me.

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