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Free Miles Transmission Repair

Country United States
State Virginia
City Newport News
Address 9911 Jefferson Ave
Phone 757-597-7725

Free Miles Transmission Repair Reviews

  • Oct 12, 2017

I spoke guy over the phone I do know his name but I will not post it here and I said I have a problem with my transmission and I needed some one to check it out and see what was going on with it so I waited for him to call me to tell me what was wrong so I call him the next day he said I have already took your car apart and It will be ready next week so I haug up call the next week he tells me it is going to cost you 2800 to get your car back,Well for one thing I never ask him to take my car apart and repair anything all I wanted to know what was wrong with it I never told anyone to remove anypart or replace the transmission now he want 2800 for me to get my car out for work I have never ask him to do.I was ask could I get a title loan and I told him no and I know there is got to be a law to handle this Business he have had my car for 3 months for work he done on his own I have never been to his shop to sign anything or i never give him any permission on the phone to do any kind of work he has never ask me to come by his shop so I do not know what he has done with my car and I do not contract this shop anymore I am seeking help to deal with this matter. This person do not know what I look like if I would walk into shop

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