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Country United States
State South Carolina
City Charleston
Address 146 Fairchild Street, Suite 130
Phone (877) 252-2340
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  • Nov 19, 2015

I started working at Franchise Clique the end of January 2015 and ended up quitting in August of 2015. Every job I've ever had I have stayed there for years, and at Franchise Clique I was surprised I lasted as long as I did....which was only seven months. First off, the company itself is a joke- I worked as the Executive Assistant to the CEO, Dave Schwartz, and I would say two weeks into the job was when I got a really bad feeling about the company. I found out, AFTER accepting the job, that the "call-verified" leads they sell to franchising companies are not call verified at all. The CEO has everyone in the office look up people online to see if they can find an address, phone number, email address, how much money the person has to invest, etc. They then make up the notes on the "call verified" lead and send these to clients pretending like they had a real phone conversation with the lead. In reality, all they did was look up information online- which 99% of the time was inaccurate or even worse...totally made up! Since I worked directly underneath Dave, I told him time and time again that his way of providing business for his clients is unethical and straight up ILLEGAL. I am shocked his "companies" (Franchise Clique, Franchise Buy, Call Verified Leads.Com, are still in business because every person he does business with catches on to his scam and severs ties with him immediately. He is running out of people to trick into doing business with him.

I quit because of how horrible he treats his employees (which results in a horrible work environment). Everyone cowers away from him as soon as he decides to show up for work because you never know what type of mood to expect from him. He is a creep when it comes to being a female as well. His poor wife, Susan, has to be mortified. The main reason I quit was due to the unethical practice. I couldn't even be proud of where I worked or feel comfortable there because I was so concerned with the company getting sued and going bankrupt due to the fact that his entire business is based off a scam! His "ten-person call center" consists of one person. Whom he threatens to fire every other day if "they don't hit their numbers". You can't sell people "call verified" leads when you never spoke to the lead or verified any of their information! There were SO many complaints from every client he had while I worked there because they would call these 'call verified' leads and be told that they never spoke to anyone from Franchise Clique, or that they have $5,000 to invest in a franchise instead of the "$100,000-500,000" that Franchise Clique claimed this person told them, etc. I felt so bad for the people who would do business with him because I sat there knowing that they were being totally ripped off.

You may be wondering why I waited a few months before writing a complaint, and there are a few reasons for that. One- I didn't want to come off as bitter. I was not fired. I chose to leave the company. He told me I was the most "vital employee he had" and that "he didn't know what he would do if he lost me." This still was not enough to keep me from walking out and quitting because morally, his way of doing business is disgusting. One day I was the greatest employee he had, the next day he would talk about me to other employees and say I never did my job. He would fire an employee and then talk about their salary to other employees, speak negatively about them and break all confidentiality or professionalism that every CEO of a company is to uphold.

I have no patience for a boss who says to all of his employees "I don't need any of you, I can do all of this myself." If he can do it all himself, I would love to see him try. And soon enough, he will have no option but to do it all himself. In the past 9 months, more than 6 employees have quit and walked out. Yet, he still wonders "what's wrong with everyone?"

He may have been the "greatest salesman ever" at the company he worked for years ago, but that DOES NOT mean he can successfully run a company. He is the most immature and self-centered boss I have ever worked for. Every job I have ever had, I have always been told I'm one of the hardest working employees. He doesn't respect you no matter how hard you work. I had full control over all of his emails, because he never writes an email himself (regardless of what his clients think), and the fact that the CEO could never respond to an email without asking me "what should I say?" is outrageous.

I have never taken the time to write a bad review on any company I've worked for, not even on Yelp for a bad restaurant I've gone to. But Dave Schwartz needs to be locked behind bars or close down his "businesses". I mean that. He is a con-artist. He steals money from people, he doesn't pay his employees and he destroys any type of positive work environment. If you want a job you can be proud of; if you want to have job security; if you want to get paid a fair amount for working hard; if you want to have a boss who knows what it means to be professional; if you want to have a job that is actually legal- DO NOT work for Dave Schwartz at any of his "companies".

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