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Frame It Easy

Country United States
State Connecticut
City Derby
Address 155 New Haven Avenue
Phone 1-888-983-2670

Frame It Easy Reviews

  • Jun 23, 2017

Awful, awful company

If I could give Frame It Easy no stars, I absolutely would. First, let me start by saying that they obviously pick and choose what reviews are displayed on their website. Every single review showed is a five star, A+++, zero complaint that is very unlikely. My experience with this company was this....I ordered three frames from here and put all the dimensions in for my artwork. When I received my order, I was so disappointed that I paid over $100 for such awful quality of frames. Second, several corners were cut too short, making the frame an incomplete border. There were gaps everywhere! Not only this, but my artwork did not fit in the matting despite me having put in the dimensions. I contacted the company regarding the return policy, I sent them pictures of all the errors, and they tried to tell me that it was shipping damage and they will walk me through on how to fix it. I am aware that products can be damaged during shipping and this was not the case for these frames. The maker of each frame had cut parts too short so that each corner did not connect. Unless the company has a way to elongate their metal frames, you can't explain how to fix an issue like this. I asked the agent for information on the return policy and what the process would be if we just wanted to exchange. In his response, he completely ignored my questions and basically told me that I was wrong and that the frames were made according to my measurements. If the frames were built according to the measurements I sent in, then my artwork would fit in the frames. Also, that is not even the biggest issue! The issue is that the framer who built these specific frames did not know what he was doing. In the first email, the agent told me that they stand by their work and then tried to tell me that the faulty frames were not their fault. This is an awful, AWFUL, company to work with and I do not recommend anyone using Frame It Easy. In person custom framing shops may be more expensive, but they at least know how to build frames, provide quality customer service, and respect the customer.

  • Feb 26, 2016

I ordered what I thought was a custom frame. They print your image and frame it for you. You upload your image, pick your frame, your mat, your glass, and your backing.

However when I received this framed picture, it was 24 x 30, fairly large, but framed upside down. They seemed to be very nice, and responded to my email and phone message. They explained how to reposition the wire on the back onto the opposite end of the frame so the picture would hang right side up.

I had no way to do this as I'm handicapped so I had to have my son come over and fix it. The we hung it on the wall and noticed a dark spot at the top of the image. We thought it was dust under the glass, so after repostioning the wire on the back of the frame we tried to carefully remove the foam core backing and picture to dust off the inside of the glass.

But it turned out it wasn't dust under the glass. Instead it was a very noticeable inkspot on the image.

Emailed the company once again. They took $50.00 off the $106.00 I paid for this custom framing and sent me a brand new framed image. They said they have been in business for 15 years and have a working frame shop in Connecticut. They had me convinced me that my image framed upside down, and printed with an ink spot was a fluke and nothing like this had ever happened before. I thought this was very good customer service, but very very poor quality control by their framer.

I received the brand new framed image yesterday. It had ink spots. And when I hung it up the paper was all wavy and buckled inside the frame and it looks awful.

I emailed the company again and asked what to do. They told me the paper buckled because of changes in temperature and moisture in the air. I was given instructions on how to remove the picture from the frame because it needs to be permanently mounted to the foam core backing, basically meaning the picture needs to be glued on to the foam core backing so it won't buckle.

Planning to pay extra, I asked if they would permanently mount it for me, after all they are a frame shop in business for 15 years, they said they don't permanently mount pictures to the foam core backing and provided instructions on how to take the frame apart, that I should research online on how to permanently mount my image to the foam core backing, then how to replace the image back into the frame.

As I said I'm handicapped. Plus even if I could permanently mount my image to the foam core backing, the image is too large. I don't have a table large enough to work on.

So I had to take apart this custom framing, take it to Michaels, pay an extra $36.00 to have them permanently mount my picture on the foam core backing. If I didn't do this I couldn't hang this picture all buckled in a frame.

When I emailed this company again they told me they were sorry for my inconvenience. That's all. Inconvenience? No rip off because the service they say they provide is a scam. They send you a framed piece of artwork, printed shodily, that you cannot hang on the wall because the paper is all rippled and buckled, which they call an inconvenience.

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