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Fluent Home

Country United States
State Georgia
City Edmonton, ALberta
Address 7319 104 St NW
Phone 855-238-4826

Fluent Home Reviews

  • Aug 11, 2016

The representative promised that they (fluent) would pay the enitre early termination fee if we went with them and i told them i would not sign unless that was taken care of. when we was told by our old alarm company (alder) what the fee would be fluent told us we would be ressponsible for paying part of it and they (fluent) would not pay the entire amount. this is not what the representative (of fluent) told us and because of this lie we are stuck in a contract we do not want because we cannot belive in the honesty of fluent home security.

the representative told us that the company we was with (alder) no longer served the Georgia area in which we lived. it wasn't until after i had signed the contract that i found this was not the case because the old (alder alarm system) still services georgia. this is yet another misleading lie told to us by the fluent reprensentative.

the representative (of fluent) told us that we would not have to do anything in order to get out of the old contract with alder alarm system, that they (fluent) would do all the rest and that all we had to do is sit back and take it easy until everything would be taken care of. this is not the case. i have been spending at least 2 months going back and forth on my own time trying to take care of things yet still another misleading lie by fluent representation.

the representative also told us they (fluent) would reimburse us on the last payment we made to alder. they never honored that promise. this is another lie by the fluent representativfe.

when we contacted the fluent resolution department they did not want to hear what we had to say turning a deaf ear to all that i said. in our one sided conversations (their side) threats were made periodically throughout the conversation itself by the resolution department person of fluent

because of all these falsified statements made by fluent we elected to remain with the old alarm system alder but because i signed the contract, a contract we should not have to honor, because of false representation i feel that we may be stuck in having to pay an extemely high termination fee

don't listen to any claims made by any representaive, especially fluent. read any contract prior to signing regardless of any promises made for, like us, you many get screwed unwittingly.

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