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Country United States
State California
City Ladera Ranch
Address 27702 Crown Valley Pkwy #D-4-199
Phone 1-800-786-1178
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  • Jun 19, 2019

On Friday June 14, I ordered a bouquet from FLOWERSHOPPING.COM for same day delivery to my friend at Kaiser Hospital. The order included the station and room number. I received an email below from the company several hours later, saying the flowers were NOT DELIVERABLE. I assume the flower provider had some issue, even though it is a well known hospital.

With precise delivery instructions. It was too late to order elsewhere for the day. My flower recipient was in the hospital for over 24 hours more. I assume if there was any sort of confusion or lag, that he would have received the flowers within the 24 hours. I called several times; no answer. Also, there is NO LIVE customer service on the weekends.

You CANNOT leave a voice message. I sent several emails giving the recipients' home address. No acknowledgement. I called Monday. Could not get through. Sent emails. No Response. I called Tuesday, after speaking with Whitney for half an hour, she assured me an upgraded bouquet would be delivered today, (Tuesday) This is FIVE days later than when I ordered the bouquet.

I THEN received an email saying that the flowers were supposedly delivered (to SOMEONE) "according to their log". Kaiser Hospital is accustomed to accepting flowers on behalf of their patients. I had the Name, Station and Room Number correct. The email further said they would not refund me the $100, and the case was closed. I emailed Charlie, the apparent manager. No response.

Stay away from this company. I'm taking it up with my credit card company. This is completely UNACCEPTABLE.

  • May 12, 2019

Ordered flowers for my mother in law for mother's day. Paid extra for sunday delivery. Sunday comes along - - no updates. At 230 pm, i called and was told the florist was at capacity and the delivery would be made on monday. No apologies, no discount, no offer to refund the sunday delivery fee... Told if i have a complaint, i needed to submit it via email. I'm filing a charge back with my credit card, but am in hot water with both my wife and mother in law. Don't waste your time and definitely don't rely on these clowns.

  • May 11, 2019

What my wife received as a floral arrangement did not align with what they advertised. The arrangement received was 10 X 11 inches. What the website marketed and advertised for a “deluxe” order is a 15 X 17.5 inches. They put 4 roses in an arrangement that cost $107 and their customer service was poor. Very disappointing.

  • Apr 11, 2019

I ordered this deluxe lavendar and white roses. They sent this ugly vase with magenta and pink....refused to make any adjustments or help. They will send any old flowers as long as they get your money. Terrible terrible scam business.

I specifically said I must have white roses as they are of signifigance as well as the lavendar. I paid 82.00 for this lousy order on an important event. Do not purchase from this company.

  • Nov 27, 2018

I asked for a floral arrangement. delivered a potted plant which cost me $123.66. When I complained, they said “arrangement” refers to both an arrangement of flowers and a potted plant. I was told I had to specify “cut flowers”. Do NOT use this company!

  • Jun 13, 2018

This company SUCKS!!! Deceptive website. I ordered my Aunt some flowers and put in what I wanted "Purple flowers in the arrangement". Not one purple flower and I paid for "DELUXE" bouquet as well... $75.00 for a lopsided arrangement that was no taller than a small water bottle. WTH, are you kidding me? I called the Florist (Lakeline Florist & Gifts 12233 RR 620 in Austin, TX) and they would do nothing.....then I called and put in a complaint and they came back and said unless wilted or dying they won't give a refund or have a new arrangement replaced. Totally bad service and they do not stand behind their product. Now if you look on google they have really bad reviews. I'm sorry I went this route. I'm embarrassed of what was sent to my aunt. I give then less than a 1 rating....but, you ave to give at least one to be able to post anything.

  • Apr 8, 2018

I ordered deluxe (not the basic standard size) passionate purple tulips in a glass vase with 3 matching balloons for my sister in San Carlos, CA totaling $109.93. The flowers she received were sparse & small, 1/2 the size of the ones advertised. They were not purple. The flowers were in different stages of maturity, some buds, some blooming, not symmetrical at all. After I complained they told me that this was an acceptable substitute.

Believe me, they looked like supermarket flowers, not something that cost over $100.00. I am not new to ordering flower online. I sent tulips recently to someone in Namp, ID. For $20 less, she received 2 dozen large beautiful tulips. I can not recommend this company & I told them so. Clearly false advertising or price gouging.

  • Feb 6, 2018 .Ordered flowers for granddaughter's 15 th birthday to be delivered 1/17/2018 late afternoon to her home. Birthday is 1/18/2018. . Noted online price of $35.95. Talked to person who was very difficult to understand. Total price was $56.11. Unable to understand because of increase. By 1/16/2018 I decided to call back and confirm price and the actual fees I was paying. I was told my $80.00 order was going out in pm. I questioned the order and the delivery date and after several attempts to clarify order was told my order number was not correct. It was confirmed that the correct # was now found and the flowers wound be delivered 1/17/2018 late afternoon. At his time (2/05) the flowers have NOT been delivered and there is a charge to my credit card for $56.11. I have made multiple attempts to speak to someone in customer service only to be put on hold for lengthy periods of time and then then disconnected. I did receive, on 1 attempt, instructions to leave my return number and an e-mail address and I would be contacted as soon as customer service available. No return call, yet.

  • Jul 13, 2017

Order #1740752. Complaint #983872. I ordered flowers on line for a funeral for a family member. I specifically looked for a local florist to avoid web scams. When searching their website, came up and I thought I was dealing locally. They state "family owned and operated" implying they are local. Due to this being a death in the family we wanted a beautiful arrangement for the service so we ordered a $127 arrangement that by picture was beautiful. We ordered the arrangement as shown. We paid $20 in delivery fees so a total of $147. My spouse flew from Florida to CT for the services. When arriving at the funeral home I was sent a picture of the arrangement and was horrified. We ordered an arrangement full of beautiful exotic flowers with no greenery and received a fern with 13 small cheap flowers. I contacted via their website on Sunday but never heard from them.

I called on Tuesday morning and complained so I got an email response asking for a picture since without a picture they couldn't do anything. I sent the picture immediately. They contacted me this morning and offered 30% off the product but not off all the other fees. I responded back reminding them of their advertised 100% satisfaction website advertisement. They responded back apologizing that the local florist wasn't able to create the arrangement as shown and offered 50%. I responded back that it was unacceptable and if they didn't offer at least 75% off I would notify my credit card company to reverse the funding due to fraud. You can't show pictures of an arrangement and send what you want and expect a consumer to accept that. Do not do business with this company. They are horrible and take advantage of people during their lowest times. That is disgraceful.

  • Dec 18, 2015

Stay away from FLOWERSHOPPING.COM. It's the absolutely WORST service I've EVER had in my life. If I could give NO STARS, it would still be too good for this business. These people are not professional at all. Here is why!

I ordered flowers for my friends birthday a few days ago. My order was confirmed and accepted. “Your order has been successfully processed. Order Number: 668326”. Today is my friend's birthday and I've just got a call that the flowers won't be delivered since FlowerShopping don't have coverage in that area.

Didn't they know that 3 days ago when I placed my order? Why wait until the last moment to call me? I don't care about your refund. I care about my friend who won't get her flowers today!!!!

The customer service is really bad. They don't let you give them a solution. They don’t listen but talk over you and hang up on you when you try to explain what can be done in this situation. A professional service would call a local florist (in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island which is 20 minutes away from my friend's house) and pay them to deliver another flower bouquet.

I know it is possible because I've already done it. The local florist will charge you more since it is not exactly in the city but IT IS POSSIBLE, so DON'T LIE TO ME THAT IT'S NOT, LADY in the customer service! You refused to accept the name of the florist who could do it for you.

It was YOUR COMPANY's mistake to accept the order that you couldn't fulfill , not mine. Therefore, you should do EVERYTHING in your power to FIX THE PROBLEM. If you were a professional service which obviously you are NOT. I find this situation outrageous and I’m going to post this message on your facebook page to warn other customers... until my friend gets her flowers. Thanks for nothing!

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