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Country United Kingdom
State England
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  • Jul 27, 2020

I made two orders: First order was one dress. When I received this order, I was unhappy with its quality and lack of representation to the advertisement picture, I canceled the second order which I had not received yet.

The cancellation of my second order was confirmed, but it was delivered anyway, and I was charged for it.

I intiated returns for both of these orders. My first order, one dress: I have gotten only the run-around despite their claim of "easy and worry-free returns". Example: "will you accept a 50% return and keep the clothing?" When I responded no, they set up a return where they deducted $7.00 from the purchase price AND charged me and additonal $8.00 for return shipping, so my return amount would be $18.00 for a $32.00 purchase.

My second order which I canceled, which I received anyway and was charged $115.00, only getting the runaround.

Their customer service number liste on their website is a fake. I was unable to get through.

  • May 27, 2019

Stupidly I have ordred from this company 3 times and end up giving the majority to charity it is so bad and I am furious that I have thrown my money away.

don't deal with this company and they trade under various names but sell the same products which look great online but in reality are cheap and nasty nothing like the pictures, badly made from cheap fabrics and sizing that can hardly fit a child even in xxxxl

Be warned

  • Dec 18, 2018

Floryday items ordered online arrived ( 4 bags and boots) only to look nothing like the pictures on their website. The one bag had black mould coming from the zips. I was itching all day as a result. The fabric quality is extremely poor - cheap plastic that is peeling and fraying. The stiching is scew. The boots look like leather on the site but in reality are a cheap foamy material that you can literally scratch a hole into with your nail. These boots were made for taking pictures not walking! I am shocked at the blatant misrepresentation. They force you to keep the products - tell you a refund will take long, return shipping is expensive and tell you they'll give you free coupons for more defective products. Plus their return shipping address is nowhere to be found on their site. The return address is a well kept secret to frustrate customers into spending money shipping items to wrong addresses where they will be irretrievably lost! They have no intention of paying refunds as they are practically unreadable.

  • Apr 13, 2018

I received my items w/i 3 weeks of order, satisfactory. I received my items on April 4, 2018 with NO instructions on how to exchange or return items. 2 of the items were not what was pictured and one didn't fit right. I followed the instructions in the order email and went to their website to request return/exchange information. A pop up came up when I submitted my request indicating that I would receive an email w/ instructions w/i 24 hours. It has been a week since I have submitted 4 requests for instructions. I also sent a message on FB messenger and got a response with the link to fill out the SAME form I filled out 4 times already. No reply to emails or inquiries. No address to return items. TERRIBLE way to do business. Live and learn! I guess I"m out $200.00.

  • Dec 15, 2016

Nice dress

I have win a 10US$ coupon on floryday facebook .

At the beginning I am really afraid to try, but as a girl, their dresses really attract me. So, I ordered a dress #1009060. When it did not arrived in 6 days, I am also getting worried. Then, I contact their live chat team and they help me track my package and show me their warehouse and quality checking process, then, I am clam down and Waiting the package. Finally it arrived on the 8th day. I like the dress, so I am happy.

The website is intuitive and user-friendly, and I found very good deals there as well. However, I recommend double-checking sizes because they seem to be smaller than usual.

  • Oct 7, 2016

Floryday advertises in South Africa in our currency the ZAR. However the clothing is I suppose from the USA as when I just look them up, I get everything in US Dollars. I have seen so many complaints about them on Hello Peter of non delivery and no credit refunds. I did get 3 or 4 credit refunds after I had been waiting over two months for delivery . Then I thought I'd give them a chance again and paid for expedited shipping ( 3 - 6 days) and it's now 15 days and I've received nothing. So I asked for a credit, and got golf the credit was already issued. They can't think or read. That was the LAST CREDIT. The current one is not credited and they owe me, but the staff you are talking to don't even bother to read the order number, they just talk rubbish. I don't know of one person who has actually received clothing from FLORYDAY. Everyone is shouting that it's a scam. Maybe they are selling nothing, but getting the money in and bank rolling it.

So eventually I'll get my refund, but heck, they had it with a few million others in their bank account for months. Good interest for doing nothing. They need to be investigated. I'll never go near them again. I hope this warns people off them. They are not to be trusted and the staff dealing with complaints are Chinese or foreign and can't understand much English. Be warned. Don't use FLORYDAY.

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