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FLIR Systems, Inc.

Country United States
State Oregon
City Wilsonville
Address 27700 SW Parkway Avenue

FLIR Systems, Inc. Reviews

  • Aug 29, 2017

Purchased through Costco the LNR416S, came with LNR3163B x 6, and LNR3162B x 3; NVR defaults to CBR bandwidth (favors audio) but none of these cams have audio capability. Each cam has to be individually set to VBR; the UI is NOT end user friendly, and there are additional settings on the PC software that one can really mess up their system with if strict attention is not paid; this software is also NOT end user friendly. There are over 10 completely different apps on Play Store, all with terrible ratings, few of which allow the user to actually log in after account creation, those that do give "resolution not supported" message no matter how low one sets res through NVR or PC software, none of which EVER garner an answer from app developers through rating on Play Store or through direct email to Lorex/Flir. This system was such a steal because I believed Lorex to be a reputable company. Now I understand why the low price: they were unloading unsold stock fast as possible through Costco, severely mismatching cams to recorders at ridiculously low prices (got ours for under $800 US). I had more success with Chinese built CCTV system I purchased from ZModo, both with operation, and customer service, which is also next to nonexistant there. DO NOT purchase ANY of these systems through Costco (it's not Costco's fault) as you will be frustrated no end. The ONLY saving grace is the quality of the image(s). They are outstanding, but far far outweighed by the complexity of set up and maintenance coupled with absolutely the WORST customer service I've ever experienced from a US based company.

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