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Flight attendant prep academy

Country United States
State Alabama

Flight attendant prep academy Reviews

  • Dec 23, 2017

Please don't go to these flight attendant prep academy school, they lie cheat and steal peoples money, the instructors don't care about their students, they only care about the money, if you go to this school you will regret it, and it can be used against you. So please save your money, invest in yourself, do you research online. I wish this school would close down go out of business, you really don't need to go here to become a flight attendant, it doesn't guarantee you a job, the airline's will train you for free, so people please don't go to this scam of a school because you will regret it, and be used against you. This flight attendant prep academy is nothing but a rip off, a scam of an agency, stay away from this school.

  • Dec 23, 2017

Flight attendant prep academy is a scam, they lie, cheat, and steal peoples money, this schools need to shut down right away, please save your money, the airlines train you for free, if you go to this school, you will regret it, and it can be used against you. This prep academy has a bad reputation, the instructors don't care you, it's only the money. So do yourself a favor don't go to this flight attendant prep academy because you really don't need it at all. They are scams a rip off.

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