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Country United States
State Alabama

FlameAccounts Reviews

  • May 2, 2017

I had purchased an account wit about 3 days ago alone with my girlfreind doing so at the same time. Everything went smoothly and I had received the account right away but upon logging into the account I was immediately placed on the blue team when on the website it was a neutral team. I instantly contacted the website and asked to either get the account fixed or get a refund. There website right above the complaint bar says they will reply to me within 24 hours. 24 hours went by and I sent in another complaint stating how I didn't get a response yet and how I want it fixed. I then waited another 24 hours and decided to send in multiple complaints, non of which have I gotten a response from. So this morning I decided to see if my account I had purchased had been fixed or if I had received a refund. Upon entering the information and logging in I found that my account had been changed.

As if someone else had gotten on it and changed things. The avatar was male when I bought it but now it was a female. There were items collected with out me being logged in and it had stated that someone had walked a few miles on the account. My thought was that they resold the exact account to someone else and now 2 people run the same account. After that I decided to check my bank and there was still no refund.

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