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Flagstar Bank

Country United States
State Michigan
City Troy
Address 5151 Corporate Drive, MS E-203-1
Phone (888) 248-6423

Flagstar Bank Reviews

  • Nov 16, 2016

I bought my home in February 2008. Flagstar bank became of the loan provider. I was on a fixed rate agreement and my monthly payments around $1050. My partner, three sons and I occupied my home at 1503 E Dalton Spokane, WA 99205. Flagstar bank started raising our monthly payments one time around $1147 and then again around $1254 approximately (I do not have my paperwork any longer). I called Flagstar bank to voice my concern upon several occasions letting them know that I agreed to a fixed rate because that is all I could afford was the agreed amount which was around $1050 when I signed the papers to buy my home. Flagstar did not listen to me and said they could not do anything and that I would have to pay the raised monthly amount in order to keep my home. I told Flagstar bank that I would not be able to pay that amount my income that I made at the time from my job was only enough to pay on the agreed amount that was for the fixed rate, they did nothing for me at that point and stated I had to pay the new amount. The financial burden of not being able to pay our house payment due to the increase caused huge strain and stress on my partner and me which led to us separating in 2010 this caused trauma to me and my three children. I ended up quitting school and started to use drugs for the first time in my life to self-medicate due to the financial burden that Flagstar bank put on my family. I ended up getting my three children removed from my care by CPS. CPS told me they would not place my children in my home with me as long as I lived in the home because they knew that my payments were delinquent due to increasing in monthly payments. I ended up being homeless and two of my children were never placed back into my care and were adopted by nonrelative family members.

I blame Flagstar bank for the financial burden they put our family through had Flagstar bank not raised our monthly payments and agreed to the fixed rate that was agreed upon when I signed the papers for our home then we would still be living in our home and we would still have our three children in our care and be a happy family. Due to the foreclosure on our home, this led me and my children into separation and caused much trauma to all of us. I am in recovery now and am rebuilding my life for me and two of my children. I came across an article in regards to the lawsuit that was against Flagstar Bank and that they are responsible for paying the clients for stealing money from their clients and for violating home loan agreements etc in turn leading clients into foreclosure due to their negligence. I believe that I am a victim of Flagstar bank and would like to be paid for my loss, I am a fraud victim of Flagstar bank and want them to take responsibility for what they have put me and my family through. Thank you

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