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Country United States
State California
City San Francisco
Address 340 Bryant St
Phone 860-578-2770

FiveStars Reviews

  • Apr 18, 2017

I signed up for an advertizing/customer retention service I saw on Facebook called FiveStars. I had a very nice representitive come out and speak to my staff and me about setting up the service. She was very convincing and sold us on the service so we signed up.

Once we got the service we realized that it did not work for our business and wanted to cancel after our 6 month plan was up. I called to inform them I didn't want the service after they required 6 month plan was up and they were very resistant and tryed to persuade me to keep the plan. I had to speak to two reps to proceed. The final rep said they would have to take one more payment out and I agreed and they he said he would send out the mailing lables for me to send the equipment back.

I have my staff disconect the equipment and packege them up waiting for the lables. As we continue to wait and lookout and wait and wait. A month later, not knowing how long thier process takes, I look at my bank account and see that they took $400 our of my bank with out my authorization or concent.

When I call, their rep tells us they charged me for failure to returne their equipment. They don't send out return equiptment and I should have returned them. I got upset and told him I was going to tell every person I knew in the business world what they did and this was a scam and he then said. Ok I will send you out a mailing lable but we keep your money until with get the equipment back and he is not sure when I will get my $400 back.....

Please do not waste your time with this company! ONE BIG SCAM!

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