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Five Star Painting Of Orland Park

Country United States
State Illinois
City Plainfield
Address 14719 Capital Drive
Phone 815-662-4063

Five Star Painting Of Orland Park Reviews

  • Jan 16, 2018

Brian Ammerman of FIVESTAR PAINTING is not what you think he is, he will tell you he has been in business for 20 years which is a LIE! Fact is he knows nothing about painting at all. The TRUTH is he bought the FIVESTAR PAINTING franchise which anyone can do, the TRUTH is he has only been in the painting business for 10 months that means he has been in business since January 2017! FACT! He also does not have insurance for his business so the TRUTH is if his so called painters damage any property in your home you will have to take him to small claims court to collect. Or if someone get hurt in your home your s**t out of luck! He does not have a business license for FIVESTAR PAINTING a FACT! The address he uses is his home address which is fine but he subcontracts the work out to anyone and they do not have insurance or a license. They have no painting experience at all! Applying paint is easy the prep work takes all the time and effort if its not prepped correctly who cares what or how many coats of paint you use, its still going to look like s**t! So this is how it works Brian Ammmerman gets the job from Home advisor and he goes and bids on the job then he hires this hispanic painters to do the job cheap.

They are not his employees they dont work for the FIVESTAR PAINTING Company, FACT! He has a 24 year old kid named Andrew who is his Production Manager who is a joke! He has not manager training or college business management degree or painting degree! FACT! Andrews job is to drop off paint to each job site wihich is only 2 and he never I mean never drops off enought paint. Its a joke! Its so unprofessional. Brian Ammerman also charges for 2 coats on the wall but tells his painters to only apply 1 coat. If the customer ever asked the painter on the job how many coats is on the wall he will always answer 2 coats. Its such a scammer they are such liars. Just to let you know if you are reading this it is a basic skill to have know and have enougth paint on the job. Brian Ammerman at FIVESTAR PAINTING will probably post a reply to this say more lies, but you know what Brian you know this is the TRUTH! I have listed nothing but the TRUTH and FACTS! You dont know what your doing! So consumer please do not hire this company they are not professional or have proper training or have a license or insurance. Consumer Beware!

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